10 Best Things To Do in Beijing, China with Kids

“Travel is the best teacher. The only way to an open mind is by taking a plane out into the open world.” – C. JoyBell C.
Great Wall
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As the capital of a prosperous country like China, Beijing is not only famous for its historic complex of forbidden monuments but also attracts tourists by the cultural identity of its people. When traveling to Beijing, it is special that you can feel like you are lost in ancient scenes with ancient castles, to see and learn about the royal costumes and customs of ancient China. A rewarding journey for children that you cannot miss. Then to make a perfect plan, you should check out the list of 10 best things to do with kids in Beijing below. Make sure that you don’t miss any interesting things to do with your beloved children here.

1. Hutong Breakfast

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Start this exciting exploration of Beijing with a signature Breakfast at Hutong Old Town. Come to Hutong and enjoy the Chinese version of the churro, waffle, crunchy and sweet like the western version. Enjoy jianbing, or newly prepared egg donuts, and enjoy the surprisingly complex flavors and textures packed into a small piece of cake. And end the tour with a cup of coffee or hot tea for children from the terrace and admire the landscape of the surrounding Ho Dong area. An energetic morning for an exciting yet equally mysterious journey to explore Beijing.

2. Old Beijing Hutong Rickshaw

Hutong Rickshaw
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Formed and built a very long time ago Hutong is a soul piece of the capital of Beijing as it has been through the years. The ancient, mossy roofs, with the old remnants, adding to the location of the Forbidden City make this place even more attractive. And exploring the unique Hutong with Rickshaw will be a new experience for children. And of course, during your sightseeing with rickshaw, you will be stopped to admire the Hutong houses with ancient architecture typical of feudal China. More specifically, inside the Hutong of ancient Beijing, you can explore the local life, there are still many people living here, helping the children will have more knowledge about Chinese culture.

3. Beijing Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, and Olympic Park

The Forbidden City
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Beijing with ancient architecture combined with typical shape buildings always attracts tourists. So take a day to visit Beijing’s three most iconic locations: Beijing Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, and Olympic Park. Tiananmen Square is Beijing’s largest square, the city gate in the north separates it from the Forbidden City. This square is about 880m long and about 500m wide, the total area is 440,000m2. Its capacity is up to 1 million people, is the largest square in the world. This place has made an important impression on the history of Beijing. The Memorial of the People’s Hero is located here. From Tiananmen Square, you will be able to walk straight to the Forbidden City and continue your sightseeing journey. The Forbidden City is located at the center of Beijing. This was the palace of the king dynasties from the middle of the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty in China. In 1961, it was recognized as one of the first national cultural monuments. It was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site in 1987. And the last place to visit the day is the Beijing Olympic Stadium. Started construction in 2001, the Beijing Olympic Stadium is known as the “Bird’s Nest” Stadium due to its unique design. This is a large Chinese construction built for the Olympic with a total floor area of ​​over 250,000 m² and can accommodate up to 91,000 people. Coming to Beijing, visitors should not miss the opportunity to visit this place to admire one of the works for the largest Beijing Olympic in the world. An extremely interesting day for children.

4. Beijing Palace Museum

Beijing Palace Museum
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The Forbidden City is an inspiring architecture that has attracted people from all over the world for centuries, attracting millions of visitors to this place every year. With amazing architecture and age from the 1420s, the children will be extremely surprised and excited when they step into the Forbidden City, to the Beijing Palace Museum and explore the rich and diverse historical majestic palace. There are a number of exhibitions taking place in the halls, showcasing a range of priceless collections of ancient Chinese artifacts. Through this museum, children will learn more about Chinese culture and explore its history more comprehensively. A day of playing and learning many useful things.

5. Private Temple of Heaven & Tai Chi

Private Temple of Heaven
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Private Temple of Heaven is an architectural complex larger than the Forbidden City. Originally built as a sanctuary for the emperors in the 15th century, this complex has been open to tourists since 1918. Today, it is home to many musicians, dancers, and performers. Other performing arts gather and practice for martial arts performances and other arts, especially Tai Chi. Children will have the opportunity to meet a Tai Chi master, who will teach them basic movements and methods to stay healthy. Going through the temple and behind the high walls, the Private Heaven Park complex is a great getaway among the bustling streets of Beijing. The northern region is semicircular, symbolizing heaven. The southern area is square, symbolizing the land. Discover the halls, decks, and gardens filled with interesting architectural details. Your kids will have the opportunity to learn about ancient Chinese philosophy, history, and beliefs. 

6. Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall
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The Great Wall is one of the most famous symbols in China. And fortunately, if you have the opportunity to go to Beijing, you will discover one of the best-preserved areas of the Great Wall –Mutianyu Great Wall, with a height of 22 km surrounded by lush green forests and beautiful mountain hills. Because of the far distance from central Beijing, this part of the wall is less visited, so you will have a comfortable and airy sightseeing space with fewer tourists than in other areas. This is definitely an exciting experience for the kids in Beijing.

7. Legend of Kung Fu Show

Kung Fu Show
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It would be flawed if you missed the Kung Fu Performances in the homeland of Kung Fu. Enjoy a great evening with them to learn more about ancient Chinese martial arts – Kung Fu! Performances often feature the legend of Kung Fu, an interesting performance about the story of a boy wandering outside an ancient temple dreaming of becoming a master of Kung Fu. The actors have no lines, the show is all about Kung Fu, dancing and acrobatics to help the kids easily grasp the story. The combination of modern dance with traditional Chinese martial arts makes this performance a unique and breathtaking experience!

8. Peking Opera Night

Peking Opera
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Spend an evening enjoying the Peking Opera Show at Liyuan Theater with your children, where the plays are meticulously invested from traditional performance stages to special make-up for the actors, the theater is one of the most ideal places in Beijing to see the famous opera. The theater has become a real door into traditional Chinese art and gives you a rare insight into Chinese culture.

9. Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic Show

Acrobatic Show
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Beijing’s bustling and shimmering nightlife certainly has no shortage of attractions and entertaining activities to make your evening enjoyable, but the Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic Show certainly makes its own mark. Your children will be amazed and excited about the thrilling movements, and the graceful choreography is full of color and excitement, including the great performances of aerobatic, juggling, cycling, folding chairs and more. An experience that you can’t have in nowhere else.

10. Beijing Hutong Evening Food Tour by Tuk Tuk

Chinese Pancake
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Experiencing Evening Street Food at Hutong with Tuktuk will be a completely interesting experience for the children. Your kids will try more than 15 unique Peking dishes at 5 local restaurants, especially visiting a local craft factory hidden in hutongs. Children will be able to roll pancakes themselves at the best pancake shop in town and enjoy pancakes made by their own hands. A new experience for children.

Olympic Stadium
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Arrange an autumn trip to Beijing with your children, as this is the best time to travel, explore Beijing, at this time the weather is mild, few tourists travel to the city. Spring in Beijing is not convenient, because it is windy dust, not good for the health of children.