10 Best Things To Do in Jeju, South Korea with Kids

Jeju is the city at Jejudo Island, South Korea where was known as heaven on the Earth. Jeju has fresh air and beautiful nature which is the perfect place for family trips. There are many things that you can do with your kids in this city from the theme park, teddy museum to the Aqua Planet. You can refer to some activities below for planning your trip.

The first thing to prepare a good trip for the family is searching for the weather at your destination. The weather in Jeju is quite pleasant with humidity, temperatures feel nice most of the year. The best time to travel to Jeju is from September to February with two periods of time. Autumn is from September to November which is the season offers the most stunning views as the entire landscape transforms into hues of glowing reds, oranges, and yellows. From December to February is the winter and spring with is the ideal time to experience the blooming of beautiful spring flowers like cherry blossoms, yellow canolas, forsythias, azaleas, magnolias, and lilacs in their full glory! From July to August, the weather is great hot and you still can visit if you prefer for some outdoor activities with Festival or water parks. Depending on your plan, you can refer to some activities to do with your kids in Jeju.

1. Hello Kitty Island

Hello Kitty Island Jeju
From https://www.civitatis.com/
Hello Kitty – the classic character that most of the little girls be love. If you want to do some surprise for your little princess, you can bring her to visit Hello Kitty Island and experience the largest permanent exhibition of Hello Kitty in all of Korea. There are 18 exhibition halls themed around the world-renowned Japanese character which include the Kitty History Hall, Art Education Hall, Music Education Hall, Art Gallery, World Gallery Hall, Trip around the World Gallery Hall, Constellation Education Hall and more! You also can watch the Hello Kitty 3D movie in 6 minutes, at the end of the movie, the screen will open to reveal an outer courtyard. Your family can stroll down and snap a couple of pictures in front of the Hello Kitty lawn and enjoy the fresh air with a great view of mountain Halla.

2. Pacific Land Show Jeju Island

Pacific Land Show Jeju Island
From http://www.hulutrip.com/
Almost the kids are excited about the animals’ world and would like to discover this world by themselves. To creating an amazing trip for your kids in Jeju, you can bring them to Pacific Land Show Jeju Island to enjoy the show that was performed by the animals with monkeys, lions, and dolphins. At this place, most of the animals were trained by the trainers with non-violent methods, and you’ll notice that if an animal doesn’t want to perform a trick, the trainers will not force him to. The Pacific Land Show is located in the Jungmun Resort – a multi tourism area of Jeju Island and the largest resort in Korea. You can come here by local taxi or just take bus no. 600 from Airport to Seaas hotel and walk for 10 minutes.

3. Brick Campus Jeju

Brick Campus Jeju
From https://stail.my/
Brick Campus is really a museum about brick, this is not really Lego but it is a museum that everything was made by the brick. If your kids prefer creative, curious, and like to explore new things. You can bring them here to live in a brick world where encourages everyone to explore the imagination. On the other hand, your kids can create their own brick car with bricks and put on a race with friends to see which one goes faster. They may make friends to some kids are there who has the same favorite with them.

4. Teddy Bear Museum Jeju

Teddy Bear Museum Jeju
From https://www.trazy.com/
Teddy bear is quite famous in the world and they have appeared in many of Korean drama with the cuties, beautiful, and adorable in many roles. Jeju has the Teddy Bear Museum, the world’s most expensive teddy bear. The Museum is one of the most famous attractions in the beautiful Jungmun Resort on Jeju Island, so, you can combine this place together with Pacific Land Show when visiting this place for a show. Opened in 2001, the museum boasts a vast exhibition of handcrafted teddy bears under different themes such as Seoul History, 100 Years of Modern History, Arts, World Travel and many more. Your kids definitely will like this place and you also can purchase a cute teddy bear souvenir from the gift shop.

5. Aqua Planet Jeju

Aqua Planet Jeju
From https://www.klook.com
Jeju is a beautiful island which covers by the sea and mountain around. This help Jeju has good condition to run the largest aquarium in all of Asia – Aqua Planet Jeju! This aquarium was known as spacious more approximately 11 times than the Aqua Planet 63 in Seoul. Once your family is in Jeju, you should not miss out on this place to see over 48,000 animals and plants of around 500 species in an exhibition. There are so many things for the whole family that can learn from, this is not only for your kids, but also parents can learn to improve the knowledge, culture, and entertain with your children. Don’t miss the dynamic performance by an Eastern European synchronized swimming team or the many presentations about the ecology of marine animals when you are visiting this place. You should purchase the 3D ticket to enjoy some science performance with the kids.

6. Jeju Yangtte Farm & Pension

Jeju Yangtte Farm & Pension
From https://www.trip.com/
The pleasant temperature and the nice weather at Jeju help this place to have beautiful nature with various adorable animals live in the farms with the take care of in good condition. You can bring the kids to visit some farms in Jeju to enjoy the fresh air, see some cutie animals, and play with them. Jeju Yangtte Farm & Pension was created for these purposes to help kids to learn about how to take care of farm animals such as sheep, deers, pigs, and others. Creating the chance for everyone to get up close and interact with different farm animals as you feed them with milk and grass. You also can stroll down on the vast expanse and enjoy fresh air in the middle of the grass field beside the sound of some animals.

7. Theme Park: Eco Land Park or Shinhwa World

Eco Land Park Jeju
From https://www.visitjeju.net/
Don’t think that Jeju don’t have the theme parks, they have many theme park with amazing rides for the whole family. However, there are 2 famous theme parks that you can choose for your kids is Eco Land Theme Park and Jeju Shinhwa World. These two theme park has a different style that you can consider which one is the most suitable with your kids. Eco Land Park has over 11 million square meters of large primitive forest which is both homes of northern and southern type plants due to the supply of underground water and high insulation and humidifying effects. In this park, you can get on the train and go around to each symbolizing an element found in nature or bring the kids to Kids Town at Picnic Garden Station for some rides. Most of the time are here is for sightseeing and take photos, so, don’t forget to prepare your camera and grab for many photos of your family. Jeju Shinhwa World is totally different from Eco Land park that they provide customers 2 theme parks: Shinhwa Theme Park and Shinhwa Water Park with some dose of adrenaline when you splash at the Shinhwa Water Park, which houses Asia’s first 230m slide plus 13 other slides and pools either your kids can celebrate with the animated character Larva, comprised of 3 zones and 15 rides & attractions. This will give you many options to do with your kids in Jeju for the theme parks, just consider and let’s go!

8. 4D Alive Museum Jeju

4D Alive Museum Jeju
From https://www.trazy.com/
The 3D museum is quite famous at this time when the image is non-stop creative and many people prefer to visit this place. Therefore, your family shouldn’t miss out Alive Museum – the trick-of-the-eye 4D and optical art museum the largest of its kind in the world! The museum consists of five zones: Optical Illusion Art, Media Art, Object Art, Sculpture Art, and French Provence Art – so your kids can turn imagination into reality. You should prepare the camera to ready for many photos here with any kind of creative pictures for the whole family.

9. Jungmun Kart Riding

Jungmun Kart Riding Jeju
From https://www.lonelyplanet.com/
If you want to react and experience so cool with your kids in Jeju, you can try Jungmun Kart Riding with go-kart to challenge the high-speed thrills of up to 80-100km/hr. This activity does not require the Driver’s license and the kids from 3 years old can join in with their parents. Therefore, you can ride this kart with your kids to battle to the tracks and race against your family. That’s really fun!

10. Bayhill Pool & Villa Narnia Restaurant

Bayhill Pool & Villa Narnia Restaurant
From https://www.klook.com/
After a few days with many activities outside or tired with exploring the nature of Jeju, your family needs some unforgettable to relax with a delicious meal. You can think about lunch at Bayhill Pool & Villa Narnia Restaurant to discover Jeju food culture and enjoy local Jeju cuisines crafted from fresh seasonal ingredients and unique recipes. Your kids may satisfy their sweet tooth with Narnia’s specially crafted desserts such as scones, mousses, chocolates, and more in the afternoon tea set. The colorful foods and dessert may attract your kids from the first glance and you cannot deny to bring them here.
Jeju is really good land for a family trip with plenty of things to do for your kids and all member of your family. From the theme park of Eco or Shinwa World to the farm with many cuties animals to the biggest Aqua Planet in Korea will provide your family with an unforgettable trip. Just ready your camera to capture as more as photos in the 4D Alive museum for your family album.