10 Best Things To Do in Hua Hin, Thailand with Kids

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cooking class huahin
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Hua Hin is not bustling, crowded like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket … but this place still attracts many domestic and international tourists every year. Perhaps because of the quiet, peaceful space and the poetic natural scenery of Hua Hin has created incredible charm to the visitors. A trip with children to Hua Hin will be a wonderful gift that you give to your children, especially the kids who love to explore beautiful nature. So to travel with children Hua Hin what you need to prepare? To help make your trip to Hua Hin, Thailand easier, convenient and happier, please refer to the list of 10 best things to do with kids in Hua Hin below.

1. A Taste of Hua Hin

Maruekhathaiyawan Palace
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Begin the journey to get acquainted with Hua Hin by A Taste of Hua Hin tour with exploring the markets and buildings of traditional Thai architecture here. Hua Hin is where the Thai Royal has summer vacations, so it is indispensable for the members to have a holiday palace. Visit the Maruekhathaiyawan summer palace in Thai style. The architecture of the palace is made of teak with many porches, roofs, and high ceilings to keep the palace space cool in the hot summer. Stretching through the lush garden, visitors will be surprised when the end of the palace is located on the fine white sand beach. And after a stroll in the palace, take your kids to Hua Hin’s wonderful Floating Market. Located right by the river, you can go to different boats, and watch merchants surf in the water, advertise their goods. And at the Cicada night market, this place is like a light festival. The evening is filled with light to highlight the local goods, as well as local food to try. A fun day to visit Hua Hin for kids.

2. Unseen Hua Hin 

Hua Hin lifestyle
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Why called Unseen Hua Hin? Because these will be places but fewer visitors come to visit but there are many new and interesting things waiting for your children. Try taking the kids to the less-frequented places and find out the true meaning of life in Hua Hin with the Unseen Hua Hin tour. Visit Petchaburi, a small community in Hua Hin will give you a real experience of life in this city, and when you come here, you will be walking through fancy decorated streets with crowed of travelers. At Petchaburi, children learn about culture and religion in a sacred cave with ancient Buddha statues and discover centuries of ancient Buddhist traditions still maintained to this day. In particular, a visit to the local Thai house will give your child a better view of their daily life, lifestyle and community economy and visit the local school, where they can explore the school life of their same-age friends in Thailand, creating beautiful memories when traveling here.

3. Elephant Care Day at Wildlife Friends Foundation

take care of elephant
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Thailand is a famous country with the name “country of millions of elephants”. So, when you come to Hua Hin, the thing that you cannot miss for the children is attending the Elephant Care Day at Wildlife Friends Organization. Here, the kids will learn everything about elephant shelter and the job of an elephant trainer, walk with elephants and watch them play, which is extremely safe under the guidance of staff here. And after a time of tired playing, you will enjoy a Thai lunch buffet (with additional vegetarian options). A day trip to learn interesting things about wild elephants.

4. Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park
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The green peaks stand out between the blue sea and the mangroves are Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. The habitat of many rare bird species is also Thailand’s natural tourist attraction. Sam Roi Yot is surrounded by majestic mountains creating a beautiful and rich natural landscape. The highlight that impresses Thai tourists is the freshwater marsh and coastal wildlife. This is an important breeding area for some rare bird species. Besides, visitors can take a boat or walk through Bang Pu hill and visit the village of indigenous people living in the national park. And at Sam Roi Yot, there is a famous attraction that is a cave called Tham Phraya Nakhon. Trees can grow inside this cave thanks to the sunlight shining through a large hole in the roof of the cave creating a beautiful natural landscape.

5. Swiss Sheep Farm Hua Hin

Swiss Sheep Farm
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Swiss Sheep Farm has extremely beautiful, peaceful and poetic scenery with green meadows, beside lovely sheep with thick fur gnawing at the grass, sometimes they called each other “be be”. Place here have all the contexts, every corner is decored with a beautiful view for your child to take pictures, guaranteed to produce very sweet pictures. From the ticket office at the entrance gate to the Love Café, children will meet lovely signs. Not far away are old farm vehicles, windmills with a small stream flowing across. The most interesting activity here is that the kids can feed the sheep by themselves and watch their cute moments. A fun day for children.

6. Monkey Island Cruise Tour and Fishing Experience

Monkey Island
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Going to Monkey Island with long white sand beaches and cute monkeys will help your kids extremely happy. Therefore, take your child to the beautiful Ratee Petra and take an exciting trip to amazing Hua Hin. Your children will be able to swim in beautiful waters and prepare fishing rods to start fishing experience in the area around the island. Then your family will recharge energy after a time of playing and having fun together with an attractive Thai buffet right on the island. An exciting day for the whole family.

7. Vana Nava Waterpark

Vana Nava Waterpark
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Vana NavaWater Park, Asia’s first eco water park, is located in the heart of Hua Hin, Thailand’s most famous city for tourists. So, don’t miss the chance to take your kids to this exciting water park. With year-round events, day and night entertainment, a variety of comfortable dining options and many other interesting things, Vana Nava Hua Hin has a unique advantage to become a tourist destination, especially best for families. Moreover, Vana Nava Hua Hin is the only water park in Thailand that adheres to the most stringent international safety and protection standards, ensuring an enjoyable and safe day out for your children.

8. Thai Cooking Course Hua Hin

Thai Cooking Course
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Thailand is always famous for its unique and varied cuisine, so do not miss the opportunity to participate in Thai cuisine classes when coming to this country. Especially Thai Cooking Course in Hua Hin is the best-rated cooking course in Thailand, and you will not only enjoy food but also understand the nuances and tastes that make Thai cuisine. You will be able to visit the market with your instructors so that you will learn how to choose the ingredients that you will use for the cooking lesson. Then you will be able to go home and start cooking. Especially, you will be granted a certificate of excellent completion of the course. For children, the certificate will be an encouragement for them to have more passion for cooking and be proud of them for doing a good job.

9. Hua Hin By Night

Hua Hin Night Market
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Tuk-tuk is quite popular in Thailand, but for kids, it is quite new and it will be interesting when your children experience the journey to explore Hua Hin by Night with Tuk Tuk. Hop on a tuk-tuk to visit Hua Hin’s elegant train station, considered the most beautiful station in Thailand. See the beach city and the bustling fishing pier at night. And a stroll at the bustling night market will end an exciting evening of the whole family.

10. Pa-La-U Waterfall

Pa-La-U waterfall
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Pa-La-U Waterfall is located about 60km from the city center of Hua Hin. There are 11 large and small waterfalls located on the road with orchids, a beautiful butterfly garden. Certainly, when visiting here you will have yourself an ideal space to relax with your children.
Hua Hin Beachs
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In Hua Hin, there is outstanding weather in the tropics. The temperature throughout the year is quite warm and there is little change. From December to the end of May is the time of the dry season. This is also an ideal time to come here to visit. In the remaining months, the weather often rains, especially in September. The topography of the city is assessed to be extremely diverse with hills, mountains, seas, waterfalls, streams, cave systems. In order to experience all the interesting things in Hua Hin, you need to be well-prepared with costumes suitable for swimming, hiking, and sightseeing for your kids to help your child have a comfortable and safe journey.