10 Best Things To Do in Christchurch, New Zealand with Kids

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Christchurch, in the Canterbury region, is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand and the third in the country (after Auckland and Wellington). Archaeological evidence shows that people first arrived here in 1250. And only from the 17th century, Christchurch officially became a city, this is also the first city of New Zealand. And you are planning a trip with things to Christchurch with kids but you do not know about the famous tourist destinations in this city. So don’t worry too much, the list of best things to do in Christchurch with kids below will give you advice about the tourist attractions and fun activities to do with kids here. Let’s start planning a perfect trip with your kids in Christchurch.

1. Christchurch Tram

kids waiting christchurch tram
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Let’s start your trip with children in Christchurch by the Christchurch Tram. In addition to the typical classic shape that attracts children, this tram also slows down than conventional buses to give your family and kids more time to see the surrounding scenery and enjoy the classic interior space of the charm of Christchurch Tram. An interesting activity that you have to do with kids in Christchurch.

2. Christchurch Gondola

gondola ride in christchurch
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Christchurch Gondola is also one of the interesting features here. Therefore take your children to the top of Port Hills with the cable car cabins always making kis excited to be here. And majestic views like the Christchurch skyline, the Canterbury fields in the West, Ellesmere Lake in the South will be shown in front of children eyes. Then when you reach the top of the mountain, your family will enjoy breathtaking views of Christchurch city and beyond from above.

3. Kaikoura Fishing Experience

kids catching fish kaikoura
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If possible, take a day out enjoying Kaikoura Fishing Experience with your kids. It will take you only 2.5 hours travelling by car to get here. And when you arrive, your family will get on a boat and go around the South Bay on a scenic fishing trip. You will have a chance to take a tour of birdlife in Kaikoura and get access to the giant royal albatross, black-eyed albatross, petrel albatross and others. And then be dragged into a lobster and learn about this Kaikoura delicacy – from capture to preparation. An extremely interesting day for children.

4. Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise

Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise
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Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise is rated as the No.1 experience in New Zealand. And so, you should not-to-be-missed taking your kids to enjoy this trip. Akaroa Port used to be a volcanic site millions of years ago, which is why it is surrounded by towering volcanic cliffs and sea caves. Therefore, when coming here, children will see the impressive scene of Purple Nook Scenery, a volcano concave in nature. In addition, the children also see interesting marine animals here such as Hector dolphins, the world’s smallest penguins and fur seals. A fun and meaningful journey for children.

5. Christchurch Botanic Gardens

kid play in christchurch botanic garden
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Christchurch Botanic Gardens filled with colourful gardens of roses, native plants, greenhouses and many other interesting things is where you should take your kids here. In addition, children can learn about the history of the garden and the distinct climates that make up the growth of many native plants here and sip some snacks at the Tudor-style home.

6. Akaroa Shamarra Alpaca Farm

kids play in Shamarra Alpaca Farm
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Alpaca animals are featured in New Zealand. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity you’re your kids to experience interacting and playing with this interesting animal at Akacaa Alpaca Farm in Akaroa. With only 90 minutes by car, your family will reach this farm.  Here, children will learn about the specifics of alpaca farming and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the area. And especially, children will have a chance of feeding alpaca and taking happy photos with animals.

7. International Antarctic Centre

internatioanl antarcitc center
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Christchurch International Antarctic Center will be the place for kids who like to explore the icy lands in the most remote regions of the world, the harsh climate where only a few species can survive. An here, the children will learn through fun activities and interact with the simulated scenes here such as simulating the Antarctic storm, playing with Blue Penguins and experiencing daily life in modern. of Antarctica. The day with awesome, joyful and learning knowledge for children.

8. The Grand Café at Christchurch Casino

Grand Café at Christchurch Casino
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A family meal in a famous luxurious space The Grand Café at Christchurch Casino will be an unforgettable memory. The staffs here are extremely friendly and enthusiastic, making you comfortable when enjoy eating here. And the menu with typical New Zealand dishes, helps you feel the typical taste of this beautiful land.

9. Hanmer Spring Thermal Pools

beautiful Hanner Springs Thermal Pools
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Not far from Christchurch is Hamner Springs Thermal Pools. The pools with more than six different types of tanks will help your family have a day to enjoy and relax comfortably. In particular, with Aqua Play tank features fountains and water slides will attract the children to come here to have fun. Enjoy quality family time at Hamner Springs!

10. Akaroa Swimming

Akaroa Swimming
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For children over 8-year-olds, let’s take them to experience an extremely special activity here. It called Akaroa Swimming with Dolphin. Kids will swim with Hector, the world’s smallest dolphin in the clear waters of the port of Akaroa. This experience will be an unforgettable experience for your kids. However, note that children from 8 to 16 years old need to swim with adults to ensure safety.

speacial architecture in Christchurch

The timing is one of the deciding factors for the success of the trip. New Zealand is one of the countries with a mild tropical climate, the temperature ranges here from 16 degrees C to 26 degrees C. Therefore, you can choose any time to go to Christchurch and have an interesting and exciting exploration for children here. However, spring or autumn is the best time to enjoy a peaceful, warm and romantic space.