10 Best Things To Do in Auckland, New Zealand with Kids

Traveling to New Zealand is a good idea for a family trip for those who really want to enjoy the fresh air and get some different experience than others. Although Auckland is not the capital of New Zealand, this is the largest city in this country with a thousand international flights arrive at Auckland International Airport to bring a more convenient way to travel to this city. There are many things to do with kids in Auckland for a family vacation. Therefore, you can refer to a few suggestions below to help you plan a perfect trip.

Let’s check out the weather in Auckland before your trip to get more convenience. Since New Zealand stayed in Southern Hemisphere, so, the weather quite different from almost all countries on Earth.

Summer (from Jan – Mar); Autumn (from Apr-Jun); Winter (from Jul – Sep); and Spring (from Oct-Dec). Whereby, the best time to visit Auckland should from March to June and from September to November. This is the end of summer to autumn and the end of winter to early spring. Either if your family prefers some outdoor activities and sightseeing or take some rides in thrilling activities and sailing on a cruise.

Refer to some things that most families like to do when traveling to Auckland.

1. Sea Life Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium

sea life kelly tarlton's aquarium
From https://www.totstoteens.co.nz/

Most sea life aquariums in the world are not the same when you visit any aquarium stay in any country. The sea life environment will base on the marine world around those countries. This is one of the wonderful reasons that you could not miss this place in Auckland. Since this city is near the two largest ports and it stayed at Southern Hemisphere too.

The decoration in this sea life aquarium is quite different from others because they were designed by stories such as: ‘Antarctic Ice Adventure’ for Penguins; ‘Niwa Southern Oceans Discovery’ with some marine animals of the South or ‘Turtle Bay’ for sea turtle in New Zealand’s. This is the must-things to do with kids in Auckland to learn and enjoy the colorful space. Don’t forget to check the feeding and talk shows inside the aquarium to catch your kids’ favorite animal for free.

They have the Free Shuttle Service start from 152 Quay Street, downtown Auckland every hour from 9:30 am – 4:20 pm. You can base on this to arrange your trip.

2. Auckland Whale and Dolphin Watching

Auckland Whale and Dolphin Watching
From https://www.tripadvisor.com/

The advantage position with the long coastline is bringing for Auckland a good condition to watch Whale and Dolphin on the cruise. Your family could not miss this chance because surely that almost the kids like these adorable animals.

The best time with a high chance to see these cute animals is in summer from January to March. If your trip falls into this period of time, you should go. Meanwhile, this is the best weather for sailing and also can see some amazing views of the Auckland Harbour Bridge, Rangitoto Island, and the Hauraki Gulf. However, winter is not the best time. You may see it or not, but, if you are unable to see whales and dolphins, you will be offered a voucher to participate again at another date.

3. SheepWorld New Zealand

SheepWorld New Zealand
From https://livingnomads.com/

One of the amazing things to do with kids in Auckland is visiting a farm. Therefore, your family can make a trip to the farm, spend a day with an authentic representation of New Zealand sheep farming in Sheepworld. Let’s your kids to explore the farm’s many exhibits and learn about the country’s most populous farm animal.

It takes about 1 hour from Auckland by car, you can take a taxi or rent a car to drive there. After an eventful day, you and your family should relax at Adventure Terrain & Picnic Area with some tea or coffee. Besides that, this farm is free for kids from 0-3 years old. In order to bring more comfortable, you should wear sports shoes for your kids since they may walk or run a lot inside the farm.

4. Waiheke Island Zipline and Native Forest

Waiheke Island Zipline and Native Forest
From https://au.trip.com/

If you are looking for thrilling things to do with kids in Auckland, you can consider going for a zipline through Waiheke Island. This is a good choice when you can combine with a trip to Native Forest in 3 hours.

They have a family combo that you can choose for the whole family member can join together. The tour has 2 schedules in the morning and afternoon that you can choose which time is suitable for your kids. They will arrange the ferry from Auckland City to Matiatia Wharf on Waiheke Island.

If your kids don’t like to take zipline, your family also can enter the Native Forest and walk around to enjoy the fresh air and take some photos here. If your kids interested in zipline, don’t forget to prepare for them hats and caps that can fit under a helmet to be safer.

5. Auckland Sky Tower

Auckland Sky Tower with kids
From https://www.aucklandforkids.co.nz/

Most visitors prefer to do this thing with kids in Auckland. That is making a trip to the Auckland Sky Tower. This is an iconic landmark in Auckland that has views of Viaduct Harbour. Because this is full of superyachts and lined with bars and cafes. It will an omission if you are traveling to Auckland without visit Auckland Sky Tower for the best sightseeing in the bird’s eyes view.

This tower standing in 220m above street level on the observation deck and also the tallest building in the southern hemisphere! You can visit this place on clear weather that can see the distance up to 80 km away! In order to your convenience, you can use public transportation to here. There are trains from Britomart central train and bus station, just 10 minutes walk from there or you can take the bus to Victoria St West outside Sky Tower.

6. 360° Dining at SKYCITY Auckland

Dine in at Orbit Restaurant New Zealand
From https://www.nzherald.co.nz/

There is one popular thing to do with kids in Auckland Sky Tower when you are here. You should heighten the experience dining in Orbit 360° at SKYCITY Auckland (inside Sky Tower). This is the best experience when you can dine in atop of SKYCITY Auckland.

This fine-dining brasserie grants visitors a 360-degree view of the skyline of Auckland. They have two sections for your choice: lunch (start from 11:00 am weekday and 11:30 am weekend) and dinner (start from 5:30 pm). However, this restaurant only accepts guests from 3 years old above. Meanwhile, the kids from 3-14 years old can either purchase the Set Menus at the same price as adults or purchase the Kids Menu.

One thing you should note that SKYCITY does not offer free parking for guests. Therefore, you should take a taxi or public transportation: take the bus to Victoria St West, the Sky Tower is across the street.

7. Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo with kids
From https://www.aucklandforkids.co.nz/

If your family has kids from 3-16 years old, this is the thing to do with them in Auckland. Visiting the Auckland Zoo since this is a good chance to meet and see many adorable animals in the Southern Hemisphere! The zoo has some of the wonderful animals that kids may ever see them in animation such as the meerkat, red pandas.

Besides that, this is really ideal for the family since they also have some attraction inside the zoo. Those ones are quite different from other zoos: Te Wao Nui – The Living Realm – the dedicated native flora and fauna precinct, the Vet Hospital where the viewing area for visitors allows you to look at penguins getting x-rays, lizards getting ultrasounds, and more fascinating things.

Since this zoo has so many things to explore, so, you may spend a full day here. Therefore, don’t plan any place on the same day to visit this zoo to avoid duplicated plans.

8. Dine-in on a cruise

From https://www.klook.com/

Auckland near around the largest two ports in New Zealand that create the advantage for this city in trade, exchange goods and bringing the best experience in the sea. Therefore, the most popular thing to do with kids in Auckland is enjoying a dinner set on an Auckland Harbour Cruise. This experience will create a good moment with your family under the light of sunset.

Meanwhile, the kids from 0-4 years old can enter the cruise for free without a meal. Therefore, you should prepare them for the meal on your own. Besides that, you can book the child ticket for kids from 5-15 years old. They also can serve special dietary if request, so, you can leave them some note when you book this service.

9. Bay of Island

Bay of Islands
From https://www.mylittleadventure.com/

When you are in Auckland, it is quite convenient to make a trip to visit the Bay of Island – the country’s first colonial capital. Bay of Island has more than 140 subtropical islands next to the country’s North Island. This day tour is the most thing to do in Auckland. In this tour, you can visit and explore the undeveloped beaches. Not only that, but you also can try the big-game fishing combine with discover Maori cultural artifacts.

If your kids prefer to be in nature, you should not miss this tour. Your family can spend one day enjoying the sea, sky, and marine life. Sometimes, dolphins are often seen in the area. It will be fun!

10. Hobbiton and Waitomo Caves

Hobbiton and Waitomo Caves
From https://www.dreamtours.com.au/

Besides the things to do with kids in Auckland, you also want to go out of Auckland for a short trip in a day. Then, you can think about Hobbiton and Waitomo Caves tour just distance 3 hours by car or bus from Auckland. Overview, the main point in this tour is Hobbiton villages where the movie The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies were made.

The village will surprise your kids with iconic locations such as the Hobbit Holes, The Green Dragon Inn, and The Mill in real life. Besides that, this tour also can offer the child seat that is suitable for children from 0-7 years old. Meanwhile, the kids from 0-3 years old can join free too! It’s quite suitable for a family tour in one day.

You should prepare comfortable shoes for your kids since they may want to walk around and run on the grass. Don’t forget the sunglasses, sunscreen, and a camera for many family photos here.

Auckland is known with the name ‘City of Sails’ since the location near the two largest ports in New Zealand. This helps Auckland has many advantages for travel and a lot of tourists arrive here all year. Therefore, a family trip to Auckland is the most ideal for families have kids from 3 years old above. Because there are many things to do for kids and parents in Auckland. Whatever your family prefers indoor or outdoor activities, they all can provide you the best things to do on this trip.