10 Best Things To Do in Queenstown, New Zealand with Kids

“In the end, kids won’t remember that fancy toy you bought them, they will remember the time you spent with them” – Kevin Heath
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Queenstown is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful tourist cities and is located in the south of this country. At any time, you can travel to the city of Queenstown to admire the beauty of the unique water in the world and breathe the fresh air. And of course, a great vacation with your family here will be a very special gift that you give to your little ones. To plan a perfect trip and not to miss any of the sights or fun activities here, check out the list of 10 best things to do with kids in Queenstown below. To make sure, your children will have a very interesting experience with their parents in this beautiful city.

1. Queenstown Green & Gold

Four-wheel Drive Tour
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Start your exploration of Queenstown by exploring New Zealand’s natural landscape with this exciting tour that combines many activities to have a great experience in this beautiful city – the Queenstown Green & Gold. Depart from Queenstown early in the morning and begin with a relaxing scenic ride through Glenorchy and the Te Wāhipounamu World Heritage area with breathtaking views. The journey continues on the terrain canoe on the Dart River and discovers more of the natural beauty with Nomad Safaris all-terrain four-wheel drive tour. Children will feel like you are part of a great adventure as you drive through rough water and rocky terrain and enjoy beautiful views during your time of stopping and taking photos for great memories.

2. Kiwi Birdlife Park

Kiwi Birdlife Park
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The symbol of New Zealand is the kiwi bird. And New Zealanders are proud to say “I am a Kiwi bird” which means “I am a New Zealander.” The kiwi bird is small, shaped like a pear, small feathers grow in cages but cannot fly. They only have strong short legs, run very fast and especially lay very large eggs. So, don’t hesitate to take your kids to Kiwi Birdlife Park in Queenstown for the kids to get acquainted and explore with this interesting bird. This park is located on 5 acres of the forest when getting there, you will feel like you have left the city behind and stepped into the wilderness. Stop at kiwi birdhouses, set in the dark to cater to these night birds. One of the park’s main focus is efforts to conserve these species in the future, so when you come here, the children will not only visit and learn about this interesting bird but also learn more about wildlife. An extremely rewarding trip for your little loves.

3. Queenstown Sunrise Balloon

Sunrise Balloonn
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Spend a morning getting up early with a Hot air balloon ride watching the sunrise over Queenstown, overlooking the Southern Alps, Remarkables Ranges, and Lake Wakatipu. What could be better for a child to check in on a hot air balloon that flies into the sky during a beautiful sunrise? And the more interesting when landing in the secluded field, your kids will enjoy breakfast with danishes cheese, muffin, tea, coffee, fruit, juice. What an unforgettable memory.

4. Lake Wakatipu 

Spirit of Queenstown Lake Wakatipu Scenic Cruise
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Without Lake Wakatipu, there would be no Queenstown today because Lake Wakatipu is the soul of the town. Houses here are planned to make low floors so almost everywhere you can see the blue lake Wakatipu. What is great about visiting Wakatipu Lake by a cruise in 1.5 hours running around the lake, admiring the Remarkables mountain range and taking panoramic photos from our open-top viewing deck introduced by a lively and informative commentary from your skipper. Enjoy refreshments, snacks and lunch served in the cafe on board and have a wonderful trip together with your little friends.

5. Cruise and Walter Peak Farm

Cruise and Walter Peak Farm
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Get a taste of New Zealand’s farming lifestyle at Walter Peak High Country Farm. Your kids will have some interesting experiences such as feeding the farm animals at the Walter Peak Farm, enjoying sheepdog and sheep shearing demonstrations and savoring a delicious morning tea at Walter Peak Farm. The Walter Peak Farm tour is the perfect way to get a taste of New Zealand’s farming lifestyle interactively. You will definitely have 3.5 hours enjoying an awesome and unforgettable time together with your little friends.

6. Cruise & Mt Nicholas Farm Experience

Mt Nicholas Farm
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In addition to Walter Peak Farm, you can visit and experience at Mt Nicholas Farm by Lake Wakatipu beautiful. The farm is one of a handful of family-owned high country stations on Lake Wakatipu and supplies wool exclusively to the world-renowned Icebreaker clothing company. At this farm, your kids’ adventure takes them from the glassy waters of Lake Wakatipu to the rugged heart of the high country. Cruise on Spirit of Queenstown to Mt Nicholas for a guided tour of the farm. Savor the fresh mountain air and stunning views of this beautiful and remote location. Your children will have Experience life on a real, working sheep station, follow the journey of New Zealand’s famous merino wool, from the high country to the high street with icebreaker clothing. And especially, the adventure will give your little friends chance to stroll along the lakefront historical walk at your own leisure and enjoy the breath-taking photo opportunities

7. Glenorchy Lord of The Rings

Lord of the Rings
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Journey into Middle Earth and visit the picturesque scenery from Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy will be a special gift that you give to your children at Queenstown. Here, the children will relive footage from Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Especially on the way to the village above, you will be taken through the landscape of Middle Earth scenery on 4-wheel terrain vehicles, including ice lakes, ancient forests, and high peaks.

8. Queenstown Skyline Gondola and Luge Ride with Buffet Lunch/Dinner

Queenstown Skyline Gondola
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Take your children for a great lunch or dinner on the Queenstown Skyline Gondola and LugeRide, in addition to a delicious meal, the children also have 360-degree panoramic views of Queenstown and the natural beauty surrounding around like the Remarkables Range and Lake Wakatipu. Guaranteed, it will satisfy young diners difficult to eat. If possible, come here in the late afternoon. If you want to take more beautiful photos, because at that time the sun sets, the whole a city below is illuminated by the last light and when night falls, the whole sky is full stars will appear before the eyes of children. Having a delicious meal and beautiful photos will be a great experience for the kids.

9. Skyline Stargazing

Skyline Stargazing
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Queenstown is blessed with a beautiful sky, mountains, and stars for you to enjoy with your children! So, join the Skyline Stargazing activity by climbing 450 meters in the air while taking the Skyline Queenstown cable car, and enjoy a sky with thousands of stars shining overhead, making this a perfect experience. to end a wonderful day of children visiting. Besides, the children can also ride a sled, participate in a race with gravity when downhill to enjoy the majestic scenery when sliding over.

10. Arrowtown, Gibbston Valley, and Glenorchy

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If you have time, take a day to visit Arrowtown, Gibbston Valley, and Glenorchy from Queenstown. This is also one of the places you cannot miss when visiting New Zealand. The fascinating adventure begins with a ride on the Kawarau Gorge suspension bridge, a famous attraction here, running across the beautiful Kawarau River. Afterward, you will arrive in Arrowtown, an ancient quarrying town surrounding the Arrow River. The children will have more knowledge about the ancient gold mining in the town. Next is the trip to the Gibbston Valley, with a unique wine cellar filled with casks of wine. And the last destination of the trip is Glenorchy. You will find its landscape seems familiar to you and recognize some of its scenery from the movie Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogy. You can find countless hiking trails around the area, giving you a breathtaking view that seems beyond imagination.

Gibbston Valley
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For childrenwho are picky eaters, in addition to Subway with the price is quite cheap (about $ 5 / meal), other restaurants are much higher. However, you can go to an Asian supermarket in Queenstown to buy food, a cup of instant noodles there costs about $1, which are loved by all kids. Also, there is also a restaurant popular with tourists Queenstown New Zealand due to the locals’ favorite, and also a very affordable price, this restaurant mainly sells luxury food. The suggestion for you to order here is a $ 10 all-day breakfast, with this part you can eat instead of lunch with free drinks. Queenstown is known as the tourist paradise of New Zealand. This city has beautiful scenes that make it difficult for anyone to come and go. Do not hesitate any more that you and your little friends start a journey to discover the beautiful city of Queenstown right away.