10 Best Things To Do in Nagoya, Japan with Kids

“Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing At All.” – Hellen Keller

Nagoya Castle
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Nagoya is an industrial city of Japan because of the concentration of many of the largest automobile factories in the world such as Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi … so people will often think that this city is not for tourism. But no, this is one of the attractive Japanese tourist destinations no less than Tokyo or the ancient capital of Osaka, because it owns many castles, temples, parks and shopping centers. Therefore, you should once bring your children here to enjoy the majestic natural landscapes, sophisticated architecture, helping them learn more about the long-standing quintessential culture of the Japanese people. And before planning a perfect trip, check out the list of 10 best things to do in Nagoya with kids below, so that you and your little friends can have a fun and happy adventure.

1. Legoland

Legoland Nagoya
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Legoland always is the best thing for every child. Therefore, when coming to Nagoya, do not miss the opportunity to take the children to the dreamland of childhood- Legoland. Here, a whole world of Lego-modeled things will fit in your child’s arms, along with game-like rides, show, and other interactive experiences. In particular, like the other amusement parks of the Legoland system, the park focuses on learning through play, so children can visualize and experience scientific concepts. This will be a wonderful experience for children in Nagoya with their families.

2. The Historic Villages of Shirakawa-gō and Takayama Jinya

Historic Villages of Shirakawa-gō
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In addition to Legoland, Doremon, the intelligent cat, is the best friend of each child. And of course, it would be great if you took your kids to the Historic Villages of Shirakawa-gō and Takayama Jinya – because it’s the homeland of the Doremon. Shirakawa in Japanese means “white incense”, which means white rivers flowing through villages. It is famous for its 100 unique wooden houses over a hundred years old. When you come to Shirakawa village in spring and summer, the flowers bloom, when in the autumn, there are red maple leaves and when the winter comes, the whole village is covered with thick white snow. The slanted wooden houses of the whole village earlier will together shimmer, fanciful lights. And then, a journey to explore the ancient Japanese features in Takayama – famous place with the most beautiful old streets in Japan. An interesting journey of discovery along with learning the history, architecture, ancient culture of Japanese people here will be an interesting gift for your child.

3. Laguna Ten Bosch in Gamagori

Laguna Ten Bosch
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In Nagoya, there is another famous fairyland that the kids who come here cannot miss, that is Laguna Ten Bosch. This was originally a popular getaway for local people after a long week of working and spending time with their families and friends. There is a range of exciting activities and experiences with water to choose from here. In addition, this place is a gathering with a shopping mall center for those who want to buy Japanese goods, a restaurant for those who want to enjoy Japanese cuisine, a hotel for those who want to rest Japanese-style. , and even a spa for those who want a rejuvenating or relaxing bath. One of the newest attractions in Laguna Ten Bosch is the VR Lagunasia Adventure, a simulated roller coaster that will take people on a thrilling adventure around a futuristic city. This is definitely a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Nagoya, especially the little ones.

4. Shinhotaka Ropeway

Shinhotaka Ropeway
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Located at an altitude of 2,156 m, Shinhotaka Ropeway is a cable car connecting the Shin-Hotaka-onsen hot spring to the Nishi-Hotaka-dake mountain range. The cable car system includes 2 routes: Ropeway 1 and Ropeway 2. In particular, Ropeway 2 is the only 2-story cable car in Japan that gives you the feeling of walking in the air extremely lively. So, don’t miss the chance to bring the little ones up here to explore. At the station located on the Shin-Hotaka-onsen hot spring for “Ropeway 1”, you can enjoy a relaxing foot bath for free at the hot tubs. When arriving at Shirakaba-daira station to change to Ropeway 2, the Japanese cleverly “please” the guests with open-air baths so they can rest while waiting for the change of route. Imagine, in the midst of the chilly autumn air, which is relaxing in hot mineral water, what is there? After boarding “Ropeway 2”, you will arrive at Nishi-Hotaka-guchi terminus. From here, zooming in to the four directions can see the majestic scenery of more than 3,000m mountains lying close together. Everywhere dyed with the colors of yellow leaves and red leaves. The autumn peaks are chilly, the air is fresh and airy, it is worth the effort to wander long distances. 

5.Private Helicopter Flight Experience

Helicopter Flight Experience
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Experimenting with a Private Helicopter in the sky of Nagoya will be an unforgettable memory for children. With 30 minutes of flying in the sky with a private helicopter, the panoramic view of Nagoya will catch your eye. You will pass by iconic locations such as the Nagashima Spa Land, Nagoya Port, and Nagoya Station. This definitely is a one-of-a-kind sightseeing experience that you do not want to miss to do with your kids when traveling to Nagoya. Bring your children on this fun and exciting ride and have a great time spending together.

6. Okazaki Sightseeing

Okazaki Sightseeing
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If you’ve come to Nagoya, take a day to visit the beautiful Okazaki sightseeing by bus. Here, you can take your children to visit religious places with typical architecture such as Daiju-ji Temple and Takisan-ji Shinto Temple and wish luck for your family and friends. In addition, the children can also play around the picturesque parks in the city and capture beautiful gardens and lakes and explore every corner of the wonderful Okazaki castle and admire the artifacts inside the museum. Museum. Especially when going to Okazaki Park, the children can watch the performance of Great Ieyasu Aoi Busho Tai, a group of samurai actors specializing in playing Ieyasu and other lords associated with Mikawa. And they will be happy to pose for photography so that the children will have memories of this meaningful trip.

7. Eihō-ji, Ena Valley, Magome-juku and Tsumago-juku Day Tour From Nagoya

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Japan is a country with a long history, and traditional culture, but also extremely interesting. So, let’s your kids once immerse themselves in fascinating Japanese history and traditional culture with the exciting tour to Eiho-ji, Ena Valley, Magome-juku and Tsumago-juku from Nagoya. The first destination is the quiet Eiho-ji temple, one of the most famous Zazen Zen training temples in Japan. You will then come to Ena Valley to admire the beautiful natural scenery surrounding this river valley. Learn more about life in the Edo period as you explore Magome-juku and Tsumago-juku, the historic post town on the iconic Nakasendo route that connects Kyoto and Edo. Make your vacation with kids in Nagoya unforgettable with this not to be missed experience.

8. Iga Ninja Village

Iga Ninja Village
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In Japan, besides cherry blossoms, Ninja is also one of the featured symbols, especially also extremely popular with the kids. So don’t miss the chance to bring your kids to Iga Ninja Village, one of the famous ninja villages. Iga is the most famous spot about ninjas, masked warriors who have been hiding in Japan for a long time and have appeared in countless films in modern times. Here, the children will be looking for hidden weapons, secret passageways and underground traps at the Ninja Igaryu Museum. Experience throwing shuriken, ninja darts, the most famous ninja weapon. And make sure the kids will enjoy dressing up as a ninja as you walk around the village and meet people with your ideas. And end the day with a ninja show showing off your skills and entertaining melee stages. A meaningful and memorable trip will be a meaningful gift that you want to give to your children.

9. Inuyama Castle and Town

Inuyama Castle and Town
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Japan is also famous for its magnificent and ancient castles, and when you come to Nagoya, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the four castles of the national treasure of the country, that is Inuyama Castle and town. There are other iconic landmarks such as Urakuen Garden, Jo-an Tea Shop and Sanko Inari Temple. A special feature when coming to Inuyama castle is the magnificent castle in any season of the year. When visiting the magnificent Sanko Inari temple, you will be extremely impressed by a unique array of red tori gates. And relax with a stroll around Urakuen Garden, home to the Jo-an tea shop, where you can experience drinking green tea at one of the most famous teahouses in Japan. An extremely interesting trip with your little friends.

10. Magome

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Magome is a boarding town located on Nakasendo Street – one of the five arterial roads “Gokaido” in the Edo period, derived from the Nihon-bashi bridge in Edo. Coming to this old town, you will feel like going back to the past, watching an ancient and quiet Japan with souvenir shops, museums, tea shops … on both sides of the road in a bold vestige of old age. This unique town is one of the destinations you should not miss when traveling to the ‘Land of Cherry Blossoms’. From Nagoya, with a fast train experience in Japan, after about 70 minutes you will reach the market. this town. Here, walk around the blocked lanes and admire carefully preserved Edo-era buildings and enjoy a bowl of delicious traditional handmade soba in Magomekan.

Nagoya by night
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The weather of Nagoya is characterized with 4 distinct seasons, “every season is a tourist season”, but spring and autumn are the times when visitors choose to come here the most because the weather is cool at this time. fresh air, nature is filled with flowers everywhere. Tourism in Nagoya is considered one of the places with the most diverse and unique cuisine in Japan. The most famous is the spicy Ugani eel. You can eat grilled Ugani or eat it with sushi-style rice. Try this special dish with your kids.