10 Best Things To Do in Barcelona, Spain with Kids

Barcelona is the second big city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia, which is one of a few must-see cities with its own identity. There’s something to delight everyone in Barcelona. Therefore, the family trip of your family probably will be the perfect trip for your kids and everyone on your family. Let searching for some places where can provide plenty of attractive things to do with your kids from day to night time.
Best Things To Do in Barcelona, Spain
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When we talk about the best time to travel to Barcelona, that should be from April to June or October to November. While the period time from April to July is quite suitable for exploring the beach with many outdoors activities, then October to November is a good time as tourists are fewer and queues shorter. However, from May to June when balmy temperatures in the low with a flurry of festivals that trumpet the advent of summer that is most ideal for traveling with kids. You can refer to some activities and arrange your time to plan for your trip.

1. Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló
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One of the things when talking about Barcelona is the greatest Catalan architect – Antoni Gaudí and all of his works left in Barcelona. Casa Batlló is a building in the center of Barcelona, one of the designed by Antoni Gaudí, entering this attraction is like taking a step into 20th century Barcelona when Gaudi first created this masterwork, and you can marvel at the fantastic visual expression it has both outside and within its interiors. By this chance, your kids do not only see the original residence of the Batllo family that has lived in this famed house but also explore the Roof Terrace and see its wonderful, whimsical Chimneys, flanked by the backbone of the dragon slain by St. George. Casa Batlló is located on the Passeig de Gràcia, which is one of Barcelona’s most famous streets because of its vibrant shopping scene and outstanding Modernist buildings. There are many ways to come here: by metro Passeig de Gràcia: L2, L3, and L4; by train RENFE: Passeig de Gràcia station or FGC: Provença station; either by bus number H10, V15, 7, 22 y 24 or some others tourist bus that you can find more details on their website.

2. Casa Mila (La Pedrera)

Casa Mila (La Pedrera)
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Another work of art was designed by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona is Casa Mila or was known as La Pedrera. The lastest private residence designed by architect Antoni Gaudí and was built between 1906 and 1912. Known as La Pedrera (stone quarry) because it resembles an open quarry in appearance, the building features forms drawn from nature. This is a place that the art-lovers could not miss out when traveling to Barcelona. Taking this chance to bring your kids to marvel this UNESCO World Heritage Site for its uniqueness and heritage value, and stands as a true work of art. One of the most common reasons to step into the Casa is to see the Espai Gaudi and La Pedrera Apartment. This is where you will truly learn about the great artist, seeing his approach to architecture and creation, and how the visual and empirical aspects of it all come together.

3. Park Güell

Park Güell
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If your family really an art-lovers and would like to discover the iconic structures and landmarks of Barcelona. Well then, your family should make a trip to visit a place that’s emblematic of this style: Park Güell, a UNESCO World Heritage Site! This famous public park was designed by the legendary Antoni Gaudí, the most crucial figure of Catalan Modernisme. Park Güell composed of gardens and architectonic elements located on Carmel Hill, in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Carmel Hill belongs to the mountain range of Collserola – the Parc del Carmel is located on the northern face. Therefore, it does not only architecture but also nature and biodiversity that make the green area of ​​the Park Güell to present natural values ​​and a diversity of species that make the visit very attractive. You should buy the ticket to access the Monumental Zone, the most famous section of the park. The park is quite far from the center and getting there can take 30-45 minutes depending on where you are coming from. Besides that, the park opens daily but may have different time slots by month, you should check the opening time on their website before plan your trip.

4. Flamenco show

Flamenco show
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Temporary to set aside some of your art-adventure to learn about the culture of Spain through a Flamenco show at Tablao Cordobes. Flamenco is an art form based on the various folkloric music traditions of southern Spain in the autonomous community of Andalusia. It will be an omission when your family travels to Barcelona without seeing this enchanting show. Be with your family to enjoy a night of faultless dancing and enchanting singing in the Tablao Cordobes, where the finest flamenco dancers gather to perform. The show is the most famous of it’s kind in Barcelona for this iconic form of dancing, well known all over the world. Your kids also can taste delicious authentic Spanish cuisine, with over 30 hot and cold Mediterranean specialties laid out for your family.

5. Aquarium Barcelona

Aquarium Barcelona
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Do you know that Mediterranean waters have so many mysteries with some exotic creatures and many animals different from other ocean? If you are a headache to answer some questions about the sea with your kids, you should bring them to Aquarium Barcelona to explore not only Mediterranean waters but also can surprise about the huge of some sea animals with over 11,000 species from all over the world! The kids will witness sharks, rays, and penguins being fed throughout intervals in the day. Budding marine biologists will love exploring the different aquariums: from the Mediterranean Aquarium, Tropical Aquarium and Themed Aquariums to the massive Oceanarium. The Aquarium has different opening hours by months and you should check the time before plan your trip to avoid disappointment from the kids.

6. Montjuïc cable car

Montjuïc cable car
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Hop on the famous Montjuïc cable car, go up the famous hill, and get panoramic views of Barcelona is the top of things that you should do in Barcelona with your lovers. This is the best way for your family to admire Barcelona’s most emblematic buildings, such as the Sagrada Familia or the Torre Agbar, and enjoy wonderful views of the port area. This cable car also can link you to Montjuïc Castle External link, and you can combine this chance to visit Montjuïc Castle too. After a day in Montjuïc Castle, you can onboard the cable car in the afternoon and get the opportunity to watch the sunset over Barcelona and watch it burst into life at night from the hill. That’s sounds great! The easiest way to get to the cable car is the funicular railway, as Parc de Montjuïc station is right next to the cable car base station. You can also get to the cable car on the Barcelona Bus Turístic stop: Telefèric de Montjuïc) or bus numbers 50 and 55.

7. Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona Zoo
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After exploring the Mediterranean waters, why not take your kids to learn about the Mediterranean animals too? Visiting Barcelona Zoo and see 4,000 animals from 400 different species with a wide selection of birds, felines, reptiles, primates and more! This is the oldest and most modern zoos in the world with numerous areas are dedicated to specific types of fauna, with areas well-loved by people of all ages. What makes the zoo stand out is that it faithfully recreates the environment and surroundings of the animals according to their natural environment. Don’t miss the penguin feeding or the dolphin watching within the day! See elephants and their trainers, or learn about the powerful hippos! The zoo has many activities that would suit all ages, particularly young explorers who wish to learn more about animals, their habitats, and how to protect these species. You should check the opening hours of the zoo before plan your trip to enjoy your time perfectly.

8. Las Golondrinas Boat Ride

Las Golondrinas Boat Ride
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Barcelona is a city on the coast of northeastern Spain. It is one of the largest metropolises on the Mediterranean Sea, located on the coast between the mouths of the rivers Llobregat and Besòs, and bounded to the west of Serra de Collserola mountain range. That why the sea traveling is quite popular in Barcelona with many kinds of cruises along the coast of Barcelona. Las Golondrinas is a boat tour that operates from 1888 with many journeys that you can choose for your family to discover the city’s emblematic monuments, symbols of the culture, and 125-year history of Barcelona. The boat will take you on the route that has made it famous, going into the open ocean and headed towards the coast. The first views take you through one of the city’s best neighborhoods, Barceloneta, which used to be a fishing village. This trip, which is a combination of natural and contemporary man-made views, gives you a wonderful glimpse into the life and spirit of the city of Barcelona.

9. Tibidabo Amusement Park

Tibidabo Amusement Park
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After a few days exploring the artworks and nature of Barcelona, you should bring the kids to relax and join in some thrilling rides at Tibidabo Amusement Park for re-charging energy. There are more than 25 rides and attractions for all ages; this amusement park is great for quality family time. The park stands on Mount Tibidabo, which is the highest point of the Serra de Collserola mountain range. It’s Spain’s oldest amusement park with more than 100-year-old history, and to this day it continues to expand and evolve to cater to different generations of people, especially the young ones; new rides and activities are created, so the park never gets stale. The opening hours may vary by month, and don’t forget to check on their website before going there. There are many ways to come to the park: by Shuttle Bus T2A from Plaça Catalunya; Shuttle Bus T2B from Vall d’Hebron Hospital; or Funicular Railway. You can refer to more details on their official website.

10. Gaudi 4D Audiovisual Experience

Gaudi 4D Audiovisual Experience
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As we have known that Antoni Gaudi is a great architect in Catalonia with so many artworks in Barcelona. In addition, if your family has been to see his artworks in this trip, you still can marvel at all of these artworks in a unique way with Gaudi 4D Audiovisual Experience. Just located near the Park Güell, and you can consider it on your trip. This is a new way to find out about Antoni Gaudí and his work. For the first time ever, your kids can be able to explore Antoni Gaudí’s creative universe thanks to state-of-the-art 4D and interactive technology. However, this experience is not suitable for kids from 0-6 years old and pregnant women, so, you should consider carefully for your members.
It is not too much when to say that Barcelona is an art city or the land of Gaudi’s artworks. Most of the top things that your family should see on your Barcelona trip is about Gaudi and his works. However, Barcelona has more than this with nature and biodiversity in Park Güell, Aquarium, or Barcelona zoo and Flamenco show that promise to give your kids the best moment on this trip. Searching for some suitable things with your family and plan your trip to Barcelona perfectly!