10 Best Things To Do in Krabi, Thailand with Kids

Krabi is not too famous and popular for kids compared to Phuket, but they still have their own style in a different way than you could imagine. With 154 islets and islands, stunning inland scenery, and a development that, so far, has respected the traditional way of life of this rural region, it has all the assets to please foreign vacationers and their children looking for a genuine natural destination for their holiday.
Things To Do in Krabi, Thailand with Kids
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The best time to visit Krabi is between November and March, which is also the peak tourist season while June to October Krabi experiences heavy rainfall and is therefore not frequented by too many tourists. In April, because at that time also Songkran Festival, the Thai New Year, the temperatures vary in the mid-thirties, with humidity levels steadily on the rise, so this time also one of the best times to visit Krabi. Some recommendations for your family when you are going on a trip to Krabi with your kids.

1. Krabi Fun Park Zipline Adventure

Krabi Fun Park Zipline Adventure
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You are looking for a family activity that both parents and kids also can join in. Krabi Fun Park Zipline Adventure should be the best choice for you. This adventure course is set in the beautiful woods by the sea of Baan Laem Pho, near Shell Gastropod (Su-San-Hoi). With over 50 activities just waiting for you, you’ll have so much to do and experience! Among them are 15 ziplines, abseiling points, wilderness walks and more. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced zipliner, you’ll find something new to thrill you. There are many kids who come here with their parents and it’s quite safe for kids from 4 years old and above.

2. Tree Top Adventure

Tree Top Adventure
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Tree Top Adventure is not the same as Krabi Fun Park Zipline since the space around you is more real as you are in a jungle. The jungle made your kids believe that they are really like Tarzan when they are flying skateboard, test their skills as a tight rope walker, reenact scenes from Indiana Jones on rope bridges and more. This is a great activity for the whole family, try your balance through an assortment of games, like rope bridges, Tarzan swings, flying skateboards, tight rope walks, and over 40 zip line platforms.

3. Aonang Elephant Sanctuary

Aonang Elephant Sanctuary
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Elephants are considered as a spirit of Thailand. There are many Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand and welcome a lot of customer annual year. In Krabi, there is one Elephant Sanctuary at Aonang to let customers experience cooking, feeding, and bathing adorable retired elephants. This is a best thing to do with your kids to explain to them why we should conserve these animals and provides the animals with good living conditions. Moreover, your family will have a fun day to interact with the animals in a natural and protected environment.

4. Visit 4 islands

Tour 4 islands
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There are many islands around Krabi, and it would be an omission if you are traveling to Krabi but haven’t visited these islands in a longtail boat. The longtail boat seems like an iconic of Krabi, you should try 1 time or at least take photos with this boat in 4 Islands tour – a classic tour of Krabi. This tour quite suitable for a family that they will take you to some of Krabi’s most iconic landmarks. Visit Koh Gai, aka the Chicken Island, noted for its peculiar-shaped mountain top. If you don’t like to onboard longtail boats, they also have an option for a speedboat that faster than you wish.

5. Khao Nor Chu Chi National Park

Khao Nor Chu Chi National Park
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Krabi is known with outstanding natural beauty, which is covered with rich forest and features refreshing rock pools, waterfalls, caves, hot springs and nature reserves with walking trails. The outlying areas also include the beautiful Phi Phi islands and the Koh Lanta group. To explore more the natural beauty of Krabi, you can go to Khao Nor Chu Chi National Park and enjoy the lush tropical landscapes and breathtaking rainforest here. Creating this chance to show your kids how strong natural beauty of Krabi’s rich rainforest. This may be their first time to see the sparkling and clear freshwater pools and natural hot springs.

6. Blue Dragon Cabaret Show

Blue Dragon Cabaret Show
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Blue Dragon Cabaret Show is quite famous in Krabi. Most of the traveler come to Krabi will not skip this show and you too. The original transvestite show of Thailand has attracted millions of viewers throughout the years with their amazing performances, music, dancing, costumes and more! Save a night and spend 1 hour and a half for the show to enjoy with your loved ones. The great thing is you can enjoy the show with your kids since they allow kids to join in the show and the kids may surprise with the show since this is not the same as any show they have been watching before.

7. Go Kart Experience at Krabi Kart Speedway

Go Kart Experience at Krabi Kart Speedway
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One of the adventure things that kids can do in Krabi is Go Kart – this is a new activity that attracts many tourists in Thailand. This is outdoor activities in 5 minutes from Muang Krabi or 10 minutes from Ao Nang. High performance 4 stroke karts here will awake your racing spirit. You can join in the race with your kids in safe drive with provided safety gear true standard longest track in the south of Thailand that use for karting competition events. Moreover, this recreation center offers a variety of activities not only Go Kart but also has a buggy adventure, paintball, bb gun, and archery. Your kids will like this place when they can choose which activities they interested in and participate in it. 

8. ATV and Zipline at Thai’d Up Adventures

Thai'd Up Adventures
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It can be said that Krabi is a paradise for thrilling adventures. If your kid just wants to try zipline without climbing or overcome obstacles like some adventure above, you can bring them to Thai’d Up Adventures. They provide zipline and ATV to help you more ways to enjoy your day in the middle of a nature park. Fly high as you try their zipline, challenge your physicality at their abseiling facilities, or unleash your daredevil when you embark on ATV ride. Their programs are suitable for those over 100 cm tall and so they truly offer something for all the family. Their experienced guides will be on hand to ensure you leave there with memories to treasure!

9. Avanti Flight Experience 

Avanti Flight Experience
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After a few days of either beach activities or adventure in the jungle, your family needs some fancy experience to exchange the air and space in Krabi. You can consider Avanti Flight Experience in Krabi sky to see all views of Krabi’s world-famous landmarks in a different way with normal. The kids definitely marvel at the panoramic views from the aircraft cabin. Every scene below looks like colorful paints from floating villages to the breathtaking views of Krabi, Phi Phi, or Phang Nga. They have around 3 journeys depends on the destination that you are interested in and one cabin can contain up to 8 people. This’s really an activity for the whole family. 

10. Catch the sunset on the cruise

Catch the sunset on the cruise
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Without a doubt, one of the best parts about a beach vacation is catching the sunset. This is always the best moment that you should enjoy with your family and your loved ones. You can immerse the beauty of a sunset on a luxury cruise to the Andaman Sea. Feel the wind in your hair, tan on the sun-filled deck, indulge in exotic food and drinks and mingle with the beau monde. Krabi offers stunning sea views and your family is sure to have a fantastic time as you speed through the waves. Enjoy your time in the water, snorkel, dive, go for a relaxing swim and refresh back on board with a bunch of canapés and barbecue. Remembering to keep your camera ready all the time to take as more as you can your family photos on this yacht.
Krabi definitely tops off the list as one of the best beach destinations in Asia. The Southern Thailand province, which consists of over a hundred offshore islands, is not short of great spots to enjoy your vacation with family. This place has many things to do with kids and you will be surprised about it when your family come and enjoy it there. This is a great time to re-charge energy for the whole member in your family after hard working or studying time. Both parents and kids will find their activities to do in Krabi that helps connect each member to be one.