10 Best Hotels & Resorts in Philadelphia for Families, PA

There aren’t so many people who think about Philadelphia while they’re planning for a family trip. However, if you are different from them and your family agrees with that, you’re very lucky! Here, we have some information about the best hotels in Philadelphia for families that you may need. Either, you have some places on your mind, just read it, this will change your mind or confirm your selection.

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania state of the U.S, but the city is quite hidden for some reasons. Maybe America has so many amazing places for travelers or dynamic cities for explorers? Even so, Philadelphia still has their own imprint that you may interest to explore with your beloved family. This is a historical city with plenty of cultures, music, and art mixed with each other.

Where is the center of Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia, you will find the historic quarter at the Old City for those who visit for the first time. If you are backpackers and you love the nightlife, the area of Rittenhouse Square is suitable for you. Oppositely, you would like to stay in the safest place and more convenient with a budget pocket, the center (or downtown area) is good for your choice. Besides that, you are curious about the family-friendly area for your kids, Midtown Village would be a great place for a family trip in Philadelphia. Let’s explore which areas belong to which neighborhood to help you define the zone that you need.

From: http://maps-philadelphia.com/center-city-philadelphia-map

The Old City

The Old City is the most popular in Philadelphia with so many tourists in this area and the price for hotels absolutely is the highest. This area is near the Delaware River and Elfreth’s Alley is one of the most famous places here. Thus, this area is suitable for exploring the history, culture, and religion when there are many museums, galleries, and historic congregations.

Rittenhouse Square

We can call Rittenhouse Square is a green place with all the surrounding of this area covered by the park. This name also named for the massive park in this neighborhood. There are many shops, bars, pubs around this area and this is one of the reasons we assume this is the nightlife area in Philadelphia. The hotels’ rate in this area is not so high but the facilities aren’t stable and depend on how much you pay for that.

Downtown area (CBD)

As the same with other cities like Seattle or Texas, the downtown is one of the safest and more convenient areas to stay. Because this area is full of the building and skyscrapers for business, the hotels’ rate is cheaper than the Old City and easier for transportation. There aren’t so many tourists in this area and you can find as many restaurants, food stores, and cafes everywhere.

Midtown Village and Washington Square West

For the best family area to stay in in Philadelphia, it should be Midtown Village and Washington Square West. This area distances from the Old City by 3 streets. If you drive a car, it takes 15 minutes to reach there. Therefore, most of the family often choose this area to stay in because of the peaceful, reasonable accommodation and ease to go around the center. This area also contains many stores, malls, galleries, museums, and things to do in Philadelphia with kids.

On the other hand, you don’t care about the area, just need to know some best hotels in Philadelphia for families to choose from. You can refer to some hotels below to make your choice easier.

The best hotels in Philadelphia for families

1. The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia

The Ritz-Carlton has a wonderful exterior and premium services for a family. If your budget is good, you should stay in this hotel for the best experience in Philadelphia. The hotel always appear on the top pick of the best hotels in Philadelphia for families. Located right the center of city where is near the City Hall and The Art Institute of Philadelphia. You also can use the public transportation easily.

Besides that, there are many restaurants & cafes around this area. Meanwhile, they offer the family rooms featured soundproof and set up the flat TV in each room. Also, a kids’ playground and babysitting service are available on-site. Regarding other services, they provide a spa, a library, and a salon with an extra fee while using. However, there is something that you should note such as pets are allowed with surcharge, the WiFi is USD 9.95 per 24 hours, and the car parking-fee is USD 52 per day.

2. Hyatt Centric Center City Philadelphia

It will be imperfect when we list out the best hotels in Philadelphia for families without a mention of the Hyatt brand. Hyatt Centric Center City in Philadelphia featured in white color with elegant and plush furniture. Though there is no swimming pool, they still provide a fitness center and family rooms. Because of this, the price is very affordable for a family trip to Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, the location is excellent if you choose the Rittenhouse Square area as your favorite place. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops. Also, it’s very near Walnut Street where you can be a hunter of shopping all the day that you stay in Philadelphia. Besides that, the hotel provides family rooms for up to 4 people. Pets are allowed with a small charge and WiFi is free for all the rooms.

3. Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District

Wyndham Philadelphia located right in the center of The Old City where is very near the Delaware River. Therefore, it’s nothing to complain about the location when you can easily go to the Museum of AM-Jewish History or the Science History Institute. However, the reason this hotel is one of the best hotels in Philadelphia for families is their services. Therein, they offer free a pool, a fitness center, and WiFi.

They can’t provide the family rooms because they have rooms that are spacious enough for a group of up to 4 people. A cot may provide when requested but you should check the available status with the property in advance since it may limited quantity. There is something that you should awake such as the car-parking fee is USD 36.75 per night of stay and pets aren’t allowed. Also, if you don’t book the rooms that included breakfast, the fee is USD 17 per meal.

4. Sofitel Philadelphia at Rittenhouse Square

At first, we are so surprised with the price of Sofitel Philadelphia and doubt it. But after checking, the affordable price appears because of no swimming pool. Nonetheless, this isn’t a problem while we don’t need a pool when traveling with the kids. On the opposite, we need more services for a family like kids’ meals, a babysitting service, and a good restaurant. And the hotel has all that convenient things for us. This is one of the best hotels in Philadelphia for families.

Meanwhile, the location is the best while it’s right in the center and at the Rittenhouse Square. Besides that, they also offer a free fitness center, a library, and kids’ TV channels featured in each room. On the other hand, pets are allowed with a small charge and you should check it before arriving since the pets with large size may be rejected.

5. Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown

It’s hard to say that Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown is really good for a family trip because there is no pool or jacuzzi if you wish for them. However, for those the family that don’t require this and still want to stay in the heart of The Old City, this isn’t a bad choice. Firstly, the location is good, you can reach Fairmount Park and The Franklin Institute Science Museum with only 10 minutes drive a car. Secondly, the rooms are spacious and the bed is comfortable with a nice view from the window.

If you love to join in activities, the hotel has so many options for you such as mini-golf, bowling, or cycling. Besides that, there is something to note like pets aren’t accepted and the car parking fee is USD 54 per day. If this parking fee is high, you can think about using the subway with the 15-16th & Locust Subway Station is nearby.

6. Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia

The decoration of Kimpton Hotel is magnificent in a classic European style that makes you feel like a little Europe among the heart of Philadelphia. The location is fantastic that is very near the 15-16th & Locust Subway Station and many shops within 1 km. You can easy to find something to eat, shop, or walking to enjoy the atmosphere. This is one of the best hotels in Philadelphia for families with many good services for a family trip. Therein, they provide the family rooms features the kids’TV channels, the babysitting service available when you needed it.

Especially, the greatest things are pets are allowed without surcharge. This is absolutely amazing for a trip with your family. However, you should note that WiFi is payable and the car parking fee is USD 40 per day. It’s quite high in the center of Philadelphia, and because of this location, you should use public transportation if you want to save more.

7. Club Quarters Hotel in Philadelphia

At first, Club Quarters Hotel in our list of the best hotels in Philadelphia for families because of the price only. However, while we experience here, all the decoration, the facilities convince us this isn’t a wrong choice. The best thing here is the common area, which is bright, airy and quiet. Besides that, the location is exceptional while you can easy to either Rittenhouse Square or the CBD area in a few minutes’ drive a car. Especially, it only distances 1.5 km from The Old City. The family rooms are spacious, comfortable, and clean. Also, there is something free of charges like WiFi, a fitness center, and pets. Hence, you shouldn’t miss out on this hotel if you always looking for some hotel pets friendly.

8. Canopy by Hilton Philadelphia Center City

In fact, the reason that Canopy appears in this list because it’s gorgeous. And, we believe that if you are the people who love beautiful things, you won’t miss out on this hotel. This can be called that one of the best hotels in Philadelphia for families who love the elegant style. For the location, it’s very near the Philadelphia City Hall and City Hall, but you also can go to Reading Terminal Market for some necessary things.

On the other hand, for the kids’ services, there is nothing special. This hotel will be more fit for the family with kids, not the infant or baby. Because they can’t provide a crib, kids’ meal, or babysitting service. But, their rooms are nice, clean, and spacious that featured the kids’ TV channels. Also, dogs are allowed without an extra fee and the daily car-parking is USD 45.

9. The Bellevue Hotel

It isn’t over to said that this hotel deserves to be one of the best hotels in Philadelphia for families. They aren’t only located in a very convenient location but also offer many great services for a family trip. With their position, you can go to the Rittenhouse Square area or the City Hall in just a few minutes by car. Besides that, the decoration, the facilities are all good. Therein, the rooms are spacious enough for a family of up to 4 people, also, there is a free crib for kids 0-2 years old.

Meanwhile, they serve kids’ meals, special diet meals when requested. There is something that is free such as a fitness center, WiFi, business area. In addition, pets are allowed, and sometimes it is no surcharge, but you should check with the hotel before book your stay. Breakfast is USD 25 per meal in case you don’t book it with the room. However, there are many restaurants, bistro, or cafeterias nearby that area, thus, you have multi-choice for your meal.

10. ROOST Rittenhouse

In fact, ROOST Rittenhouse isn’t a hotel, they are a condo-hotel but provide all the services isn’t different from a hotel. That why we believe that this place should be list on some of the best hotels in Philadelphia for families. Most of the families love to stay in a hotel for more convenience but some of them need more privacy but still need the full services like a hotel. Hence, this should be an ideal choice for a family with 3 members. Therein, the rooms are featured with kids’ TV channels, some books, games, and a DVD player with music for kids.

Meanwhile, the design is amazing and you will be surprised about that. The location is exceptional! You can go to The Franklin Institute in 15 minutes walk or the 15-16th & Locust Subway Station only 7 minutes walk. Besides that, there are some convenient services like grocery deliveries, game rooms, a library that always available. However, the parking fee is a minus while the price is quite high. It approximately USD 30 per day and not at the venue but that is a garage outside or street parking. Therefore, using public transportation is the best choice when staying here.

Regardless you would love to stay in a hotel because of the beauty of design or the services, you will find the most suitable one for you right here! There are many best hotels in Philadelphia for families that can make you confused at the first time. Thus, we help you to classify the layers of selection criteria to help you know exactly what do you need. Base on what you need, you can choose the best one for your family and make your trip perfectly your way.