10 Best Family Hotels & Resorts in Seattle, WA

It is not so surprising when Seattle is known as the largest city in Washington state! This is a bustling city with many significant company hubs located in the center with a population is over 750,000 people. Not only that, but travel is also kind of grow-up quickly with so many amazing things to do in Seattle for everyone. Base on this, there are so many good family hotels in Seattle that make you feel overwhelmed sometimes!

In order to help you easily to choose suitable hotels or accommodation, we list out some good neighborhoods in personal opinion. You can consider which areas are appropriate for your family trip.

Best places to stay in Seattle with family

As the same as the other city, Downtown is one of the best areas to stay in Seattle for everyone. If this is your first time visiting Seattle, you should stay in this area for safety and convenience. However, this downtown area is quite big and divided into small neighborhoods including Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, and Belltown. These areas are the most popular among almost travelers which each area has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Therein, the hotels in the Pike Place Marke area has a great view with a harbor view (Elliot Bay). This area is suitable for the first family vacation in Seattle for sightseeing, shopping, and gastronomy. Also, there are many great family hotels in Seattle located in this area.

Pioneer Square is a beautiful neighborhood that is mixed between old and modern. To be honest, if you prefer to walk to explore Seattle, Pioneer Square is an excellent choice for you. The hotel’s rate is cheaper than the Pike Place Marke area.

Belltown is a budget area that you can find some great deals and much promotion during the sale time. Nonetheless, because of this reason, this area has a bit noisy and dynamic, especially nightlife. If your family loves fun, you can choose this area.

Besides that, South Lake Union is also a great place that you can consider. There are many business centers located in this area and the most advantage is transportation. If your family would like to use public transportation for visit around Seattle, you also can think about this area. The hotel rate is not expensive and it kind of convenient.

Family hotels in Seattle stretch around the city with the price is competitive. If choosing an area to stay in in Seattle is a bit hard for you, you can reference some recommended hotels below to make your day easier!

1. Hilton Garden Inn Seattle Downtown (affordable)

It’s quite surprising about the rate of this hotel! They have all convenient things and a good location but the rate is so affordable. It’s near Pike Place Market, Seattle Aquarium, and the famous Space Needle. That sounds like great family hotels in Seattle! Meanwhile, the hotel has an indoor swimming pool, a fitness center, family rooms, and a restaurant on-site. The breakfast is also amazing at only USD 14 per person. However, the parking fee is a bit high (USD 35 per day), then, it will be easier when you use public transportation when staying here.

2. The Edgewater (affordable)

If you think that staying in a hotel is not only accommodation but also it is an experience, you will like this hotel. The design of the Edgewater is created in a Noble House style with a different air when you just step in the door. This is one of our favorite family hotels in Seattle! It brings to you a warm, cozy, and friendly when staying here.

Meanwhile, the location is extremely appropriate for a family trip when it’s near most of the kids-friendly in Seattle. Therein, Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Great Wheel, and also the Chihuly Garden and Glass are within 2 km of the hotel. Besides that, they can provide a free crib for kids 0-2 years old and allowed to bring pets with a surcharge of USD 25 per day.

3. Grand Hyatt Seattle (middle – range)

First of all, the location is the best for this hotel. Almost the top of things to do in Seattle with kids located within 1 km around this hotel. There are the Seattle Aquarium, the Seattle Great Wheel, and Sky View Observatory. Besides that, a lot of shopping malls around this area such as Pacific Place, City Centre, and Niketown. Therefore, it’s quite great for a family trip. Also, it’s a suitable family hotel in Seattle for those who just visit Seattle for the first time!

Although they can’t provide either family rooms or a free crib for kids, their rooms are spacious and clean. They have rooms that are suitable for 3 adults and 1 kid under 18 years old. Thus, you can consider base on their location and all amenities that they have.

4. Crowne Plaza Seattle (middle – range)

Crowne Plaza Seattle follows the simple but modern and elegant style in its design. The rooms are spacious and warm in winter. Meanwhile, the location is quite convenient since it’s near 5th Avenue Theatre, Fox’s Seattle, and the Seattle King Street Amtrak Train Station. If your family prefers to use public transportation on the trip, this should be a great hotel for you.

Somebody may assume that this hotel is not one of the family hotels in Seattle since they are unable to provide family rooms. Though they can’t, still they are able to offer you the interconnecting rooms with a DVD player in each room. Besides that, if you would like to enjoy breakfast at their restaurant, the surcharge will be USD 22 per day.

5. The Paramount Hotel (affordable)

This is one of the good family hotels in Seattle with many services to support a family trip. Firstly, the location is the best thing about this hotel. It’s near most of the popular landmarks in Seattle center such as the Space Needle, Museum of Pop Culture, and Pike Place Market. Secondly, there are many shopping malls within this area that you can easy to find things that you need.

Meanwhile, the hotel can provide family rooms, a fitness center, and a free crib for infants when requested. However, it’s non-pet allowed, no swimming pool, and only a small cafeteria on-site with Asian meals. Instead, you can taste some American foods at some local restaurants around this area.

6. The Westin Seattle (luxury)

Actually, this is a luxury hotel in Seattle that located in the best location of downtown. Well then, it almost appears on the list of best family hotels in Seattle. It’s extremely convenient for those who love shopping with Pike Place Market, Times Square Building, and Bon-Macy’s nearby. Meanwhile, if you need more service for your family, especially the kids, it has all for you. Therein, the hotel has an indoor swimming pool, family rooms, and a free crib for kids from 0-2 years old. However, the WiFi is not free, you must pay USD 14,95 per day and the parking fee is USD 50 per day. Instead, you can bring pets for free with no surcharge.

7. Warwick Seattle (affordable)

Warwick Seattle located near the Pike Place Market that is only 7 minutes walk from there. Also, it’s near most of the popular places in Seattle downtown such as Gum Wall, Paramount Theatre, and Seattle Aquarium. Meanwhile, there is a swimming pool, fitness center, and a restaurant on-site that you can request a kid meal with a small surcharge. With all these good facilities, this hotel has a place on the list of family hotels in Seattle.

Besides that, you have options to choose public transportation or rent a car with a parking site fee of USD 41.68 per day. They are located not far from the Seattle King Street Amtrak Train Station (only 1 km). Finally, if you need a free crib for kids 0-2 years old, you should mention it when booking the rooms.

8. The State Hotel (luxury)

This is an excellent family hotel in Seattle with an elegant, modern design. All the rooms are tidy, clean, and comfortable in white. The hotel’s rate is a bit higher than the others since the location is the best. Therein, it seems right next to the Gum Wall, Pike Place Market, and Seattle Art Museum that you can easy to walk there. If you don’t want to drive a car, you can easy to reach out to the Westlake Station metro in 5 minutes walk and go everywhere that you want.

Although they don’t have a pool, you can relax to enjoy the sunrise or sunset on the top of their terrace. Meanwhile, there is a bar, restaurant on-site, and a convenience store (7 Eleven) nearby.

9. Executive Inn by the Space Needle (affordable)

This hotel is located in the South Lake Union area that is very easy to reach out to the most Seattle iconic Space Needle. Besides that, it’s convenient to visit Seattle Children’s Museum, Pacific Science Center, and Seattle Center only a 5-10 minute walk. This is one of the budget family hotels in Seattle with spacious rooms and comfortable. There is free WiFi and a fitness center on-site. However, pets are not allowed and you can’t request a crib. Instead, there is a car parking on-site with a price only from USD 19 per day. In short, if you don’t need more special service, this hotel is a good choice with a reasonable price and a good location in downtown Seattle.

10. The Oxford at Pike Place Market Seattle (affordable)

In fact, this is an apartment that is quite suitable for those who prefer to stay in a private space. Firstly, the room design is wonderful. Secondly, as the same as the other hotels around the Pike Place Market area, the location is very convenient. This building is very near the Gum Wall and Seattle Art Museum. There are some American restaurants within 2 km of the apartment.

However, the best thing here is the sea view that you can indulge in by the window. It is not clear to see the whole sea, but you still can smell the ocean from your window. Meanwhile, there are full of facilities for a family trip with up to 4 people in a room that you also can bring your pets with a small charge. By the way, there is no on-site car parking, but you can park at the public parking site at USD 30 per day but it can’t park it overnight. Instead, you can use public transportation for more convenience when it only 15 minutes walk to King Street Station.

Seattle is the largest city in Washington state and also one of the populous cities in The US. There are many travelers who visit this city annually years. Therefore, the good family hotels in Seattle stretch around all the city with flexible rates based on your neighborhood. You only need to search for top things to do in Seattle and let us give you some best family hotels to choose from.