10 Best Family Hotels In Bath, UK

If you are traveling to London and would like to plan for a trip to cities outside the capital, Bath and York may in your list. Both of them are hard to choose one and most people prefer to visit all with at least one night to stay there. Even though you choose Bath or York, there will be plenty of things to do with kids and family. This time, we will use a chance to talk about Bath and things to do in Bath for a family trip. There are many great family hotels in Bath for you to choose from. This is a charming city and a little bit different from York. If York is a well-known Minster with cathedrals and museums, Bath is a Roman and Georgian city with numerous stunning scenes. From London, it takes 90 minutes to Bath by train or 4 hours by car from York. It will be better for you when traveling from York to Bath or versa by your own car or by train. Meanwhile, Bath isn’t a dynamic city but this is quite peaceful and quaint with a magnificent Royal Crescent or boutique stores along the street. Let’s explore Bath in your own way and enjoy your time with family.

Best Time To Visit Bath

As the same as many destinations in The UK, the weather is kind of humid and wet during winter and fall. However, it would be great during summertime when the weather is warmest in the year. Thus, the best time to visit Bath is in summer (June to September). Most of the warmer times are jump into July and August. This is a good occasion for some outdoor activities like sightseeing, cycling, camping. It’s also good for family trips. Besides that, if you love the charming space and the picturesque scenes in Bath, fall is also a good choice. It will be from September to November, but the climate a little cold if comparing to summer.

Best Areas To Stay In Bath

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City center

Bath is truly a quiet, quaint, and slow city. Therefore, it a little weird if you would like to choose dynamic or busy areas to stay here. However, the city center always is the best choice for those who love to stay in a vast community that is a mix between many cultures, histories, and architectures. This area is the primary zone that is convenient for you to go to most of the major attractions. You also can easily find some food bistros, restaurants, or cafes. Also, this is an inexpensive area which is good for those who just visit Bath for the first time or would like to stay with family. There are numerous stunning views in a charming atmosphere around this area. You will not worry to find a good background for your photos when you stay here.

Oldfield Park

In fact, Bath is a small town which is quite easy to explore with a car or by public transportation. Therefore, you don’t need to certainly stay in the heart of the city if you are looking for a suitable area. Oldfield Park is one of the best areas for the family in Bath if you would know. Therein, it’s right near the city center and located in the West of the city. This is a student place and contains some outdoor activities which are kid-friendly. You can cycle along the River Avon or just a camping afternoon with your kids at Brickfields Park. The area may not so impressive but it’s comfortable for everyone and the hotel’s price is also reasonable.

Best Family Hotels In Bath

1. DoubleTree by Hilton Bath

Most family hotels in Bath have a high price while they offer a great but simple family room. DoubleTree by Hilton Bath offers many options for a family with a simple deluxe room or a superior room with a sofa bed. All these rooms are good for a family stay. Meanwhile, this is a pet-friendly hotel and they provide some pets items like a pet bowl or a pets basket. For the kids, you can order kids’ meals for a small fee.

Besides that, there are WiFi and gym room that offer for free to all guests. Also, the hotel doesn’t have parking on-site, they offer their guests an option to park the car at the building outside (on the left hand of the hotel). The car parking fee is a special offer for guests of the hotel at GBP 17.5 per stay. However, you still can use public transportation if you don’t prefer to drive your own car. It’s near the Bath Spa Railway Station. You also can walk to some primary landmarks like Bath Abbey, The Roman Baths, and The Circus Bath.

2. Lansdown Grove Hotel

If you love the loyal style of The United Kingdom, you should stay at Lansdown Grove Hotel. This is an amazing hotel with gorgeous decoration and an elegant layout. You will enjoy all the freshness and comfortable when staying in this hotel. It doesn’t stay in the city center but it’s very near (only fifteen minutes walk to the heart). It has also a bus stop just outside the hotel and it runs frequency 15 minutes per ride. You can easily to go the Museum Of Bath At Work or The Circus Bath by walk in ten minutes. Besides that, you also can find many restaurants, cafes, and bars in this area.

Meanwhile, the breakfast is excellent and you shouldn’t miss a cup of tea while taking a break in the garden. Since this is one of the family hotels in Bath, the family rooms feature soundproof and heating. There is a small library for your kids and you can enjoy yourself with them too. If you want to drive your own car, a private parking lot with a cost of GBP 10 per day will be available for you.

3. The Roseate Villa Bath

It would be great to say that this is the best choice for those who would like to enjoy a different experience. Staying in a Villa would be a unique enjoyment for your family in Bath. Roseate Villa Bath is designed kind of family-friendly and it always appears on the list of family hotels in Bath. The villa isn’t so huge but it’s charming, warm, and tidy. You will surprise by the way that they decor and take care of the villa. The staff is very helpful and friendly.

Meanwhile, the hotel is very near Henrietta Park and the Museum of Bath Architecture. There is a small parking on-site or they can offer street parking for you. Otherwise, walking to the Bath Spa Train Station in 15 minutes and use public transportation. The family rooms that are featured heating and can accommodate a crib (it’s free for kids from 0-2 years old). Besides that, pets are allowed in this villa and you can play with them in the wide garden where in front of the villa.

4. Hotel Indigo Bath

Hotel Indigo has a very vintage and bright design, it mixes between classic and modern that makes you feel very comfortable. The price is a bit high for family hotels in Bath, but it worth that. Everything is super perfect, from the services to the staff. Located in a very central when it’s near the St John The Evangelist Church and only 5 minutes walk to Bath Spa Train Station. The hotel seems to connect to all the key attractions in Bath such as Parade Gardens, The Roman Baths, and Bath Abbey.

Meanwhile, regardless of a family room or a king room, it all features soundproof and kids’ TV channels. By the way, there are many books, DVDs, or some board games for your kids for free. Also, you have the option to order kids’ meals with an extra fee or let them enjoy the wonderful breakfast with you. Plus, don’t miss your chance to enjoy a cup of coffee in the garden at this hotel.

5. Windsor Guest House

In fact, this is a guest house, but it is as good as other family hotels in Bath for the location and services. Also, the reasonable price is one of the reasons to make this hotel appear on the list. First of all, the decoration and architecture are amazing while you can immerse the specific of Bath atmosphere. Besides that, the location is exceptional while it’s near Henrietta Park and The Roman Baths. They also have parking which is free for guests, in case it is full, you can park on street at GBP 15 per day. Otherwise, you can use public transportation since it takes only 7 minutes to walk to Bath Spa Train Station. Also, there are some restaurants, cafes, and mini-bar around this area.

The guest house doesn’t have a lift and you must use a staircase to go upstairs. If you would like to stay on the ground floor, you should let them know when booking. Meanwhile, the family rooms are good for three people with a sofa bed and free WiFi. There are very good breakfasts and kids’ meals that you could enjoy here. If you want to use a babysitting service, a small extra fee will need to spend.

6. Apex City of Bath Hotel

Normally, travelers don’t expect to look for a hotel with a pool in Bath since the weather isn’t suitable for swimming. However, if you still want to find some family hotels in Bath with a swimming pool, this is one of the best ones for you. The Apex City of Bath Hotel has an indoor swimming pool and a very nice gym room that are free for all guests.

Besides that, the family rooms are spacious with two twin beds and a king bed that is good for a family with four members. You can request a crib for kids 0-2 years old and it’s free. Regardless of which type of room that you choose, kids’ TV channels are available for your family. You have options to order kids’ meals or let the kids enjoy the same meals with you, it’s all good for them. Meanwhile, the hotel’s location is good for those who love to explore Bath on their way. It’s very near to the Bath Spa Train Station and you can walk to The Circus Bath in five minutes. Plus, The Roman Baths and Royal Crescent is only a 10 – 15 minute walk from this hotel. However, they don’t have private parking on-site. You have to park your car at the public car park named Charlotte Street at GBP 15 per 24 hours.

7. Francis Hotel Bath

Francis is a blend between the past and the present with the decoration looks modern in an old arrangement. If you would like to enjoy the feature British-style space, this hotel should be on your list. In many family hotels in Bath, Francis brings you the best mood and comfy from the first steps. Therein, the hotel located in the heart of the city and convenient to go the Queen Square. From here, you can walk to The Circus Bath and The Roman Baths, or Bath Spa Train Station with only 10-15 minutes.

Meanwhile, the family rooms are spacious enough for a maximum of three people. You also can order kids’ meals for a small extra fee. Besides that, there is very good afternoon English tea that is served in the hotel and you should enjoy them in the garden. That will be a British experience style!

8. Abbey Hotel Bath

One of the great things about this hotel is the design and decoration that are authentic galleries. If your family loves to stay in an art space, this hotel is the best choice. That why we list this hotel in the list of family hotels in Bath. But that isn’t everything, the location is number one when it located in the city center. Whereby, it’s right away in Sally Lunn’s Museum, near to Bath Spa Train Station. Also, you can walk to the Parade Gardens, the Bath Abbey, and Roman Bath in about 7 minutes. Meanwhile, this is a pet-friendly hotel, and the surcharge for a small dog approximately GBP 15 per night per pet. You can check with the property for more detail.

Besides that, the family rooms are amazing with the windows toward the city view and free WiFi in each room. The kids can enjoy breakfast in the room with you or you can order kids’ meals for them with an extra fee. Also, there are some board games or puzzles in the public area for your kids. However, there is no car parking on-site. You can check with the staff and look for a public car-parking distance from the hotel about five minutes walk.

9. Westgate Apartments

If you prefer to stay in an apartment for more private and comfortable, Bath has some good deals for you. Although this isn’t the top of family hotels in Bath, you still enjoy your vacation in a very charming style of Bath.

Westgate Apartment has a simple and elegant decoration style, just 300 m from The Roman Baths and The Circus Bath. Besides that, the Bath Spa Train Station only distances of 500 m and you can walk to Bath Abbey in 5 minutes. There are many restaurants, bars, and cafes around this area, so, it’s easy for you to grab a bite. A studio apartment has a mini-kitchen, a living room with a sofa bed, and a bedroom that can contain a king bed or two twin beds. Also, you can request a crib for kids with an extra fee of GBP 10 per night. However, there is no car parking and you have to find a public car park if you would like to drive your own car here.

10. Trim Street Apartments

Another option for you to stay in an apartment or condo-hotel, Trim Street Apartments is a good place in affordable. The primary reason for this place to appear here not because of the price. But also, the decoration is amazing for those who love tidy and elegant. This apartment has a stunning view over the window and located in a convenient area. It’s near the Queen Square and The Roman Baths. You also can easily reach the Bath Spa Train Station and Royal Crescent in six minutes.

Meanwhile, one apartment has a kitchen, a living room with a sofa bed, and a bedroom with a queen bed. It’s good for a family with three members. Besides that, as the same as other family hotels in Bath, you can choose a Mezzanine Apartment at a reasonable price which is good for four members. WiFi and bottle waters are free. However, there is no car parking on-site.

In general, most families prefer to book hotels in Bath for a short stay during their trip. The primary point is to enjoy the atmosphere and explore the city in peace. Therefore, they expect more about the space and services at a good price. In thousand of family hotels in Bath, we pick some good one that is suitable for almost the budget from luxury to medium range. You will have a wide range of choices to find the most suitable hotel for your family. Hopefully, this will contribute to your perfect trip with your kids.