10 Best Things To Do in Manila with Kids

Manila is the bustling capital of an archipelagic country – the Philippines, comprising more than 7,000 islands. The Philippine once to be the Spanish colonial period that started in 1521, and Manila has been the seat of political power for centuries. However, don’t think about Manila is just a place only to eating, drinking, chatting or just entertain between adults and adults, beyond that, they also have many exciting things to do with kids in this city. In recent years, Manila’s government start to build up and attracting investment for the travel industry, especially the attractions family-friendly. If you are incredulous about this, let’s prepare your plan and discover Manila right now.


1. KidZania

cabin cruses in KidZania

Almost children will have their own dream for their future occupation and this is a good chance for you to let them try their dream jobs in their world. Bringing them to enjoy a day at KidZania Manila, a unique and interactive venue for the entire family! Kidzania has 8,000 square meters of play space, your children can explore their interests with important values like responsibility, confidence, and independence.


2. Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park

How to teach your children about the ocean lesson better? Manila Ocean Park will help you to create a space for your kids not only for playing but also to give them a good lesson about the marine world. Let enjoy a day in Manila Ocean Park, the first and largest oceanarium in the Philippines! At Manila Ocean Park, you’ll discover a world of aquatic attractions, exciting activities, and interactive shows – all of which cater to locals and tourists of all ages.


3. Manila Ocean Park Encounters

Manila Ocean Park Encounters

In the same place at Manila Ocean Park, your kids will have a chance to interact with animals or get up close and personal with famous marine animals in the Sharks and Rays Swim Encounter, play with slippery creatures at Be a Sea Lion Trainer, or make your kids dreams come to life at the Mermaid Swim Experience! Specifically, you and your kids can experient these activities and share this unforgettable moment with your whole family members.


4. ABS-CBN Studio Experience

ABS-CBN Studio Experience

You ever watch a game show on TV and curious about behind-the-scene and your kids want to be a star in the show. This is a chance to try for both parents and kids. Let’s come to ABS-CBN Studio, which offers visitors a unique and exciting chance to be the star onstage or behind-the-scenes of their favorite Kapamilya reality shows, and movies. Become a superstar or work behind the scenes through ABS-CBN’s first-ever indoor theme park with over 60+ games and experiences! Make a team with your kids and join in a game show to test your skills and luck. This is the best time to befriend your children and explore how smart are they.


5. Intramuros Bambike

people are driving the bamboo bikes

Have you ever heard about the bamboo bike? It’s what you are thinking, the bike was made with natural bamboo, abaca materials, and aircraft-grade aluminum for the connection points. Every bike is made by hand by craftsmen dubbed as Bambuilders, which can take up to four months or more each by the bamboo and we really can use them.

It will be greater if you could use the bamboo bike to explore the Intramuros on a tour, one of the oldest parts of Manila. Intramuros, the historic walled area within Manila, and see the historic sites of this ancient citadel founded in 1571. Learn about the unique history of the Philippines, particularly during the Spanish colonial era. The vehicle on this tour is a Bamboo bike, that will give your kids an exciting feeling when they will be ride by you on this special bike.

They also provide the infant seats upon request, so, you can carry your kids on the tour to explore five different sites, including Fort Santiago, used as the defensive fortress of the city, as well as the San Agustin Church, which has been rebuilt three times due to wars and natural disasters.


6. LazerXtreme Laser Tag

LazerXtreme Laser Tag

Set up a team with your family and join in new top-of-the-line HELIOS PRO laser tag gear, LazerXtreme, the Philippines’ premier laser tag center. LazerXtreme has also updated and enhanced its 300-square meter split-level gaming arena to feature four new sci-fi bases: Tron, Avatar, Red Earth, Star Trek, and positioned pick-up pads, zone gates, and wall targets on different areas.

They not only does it provide the ultimate indoor gaming experience for children, teens and adults alike, it also offers interesting game/food packages. Spend fun quality time with your family at the world-class laser stage arena, complete with state-of-the-art equipment for a 15-minute heart-stopping experience suitable for all ages!


7. Art in Island: 3D Interactive Art Museum

Art in Island: 3D Interactive Art Museum

It can be said that a 3D museum is always an exciting place for almost everyone. The designs and the themes always change and update for the new version to fascinate not only kids but also adults with taking selfies and sharing them with their loved ones on social media. When you are in Manila, why don’t bring your kids and family to visit the biggest 3D art museum in Asia!

Unlike other museums where you need to be in your best behavior, Art in Island will allow you to slide, lie down, and laugh out loud as you take hundreds of pictures with their one-of-a-kind works! Aside from their paintings, the museum also has other attractions including Black Light Art and Paintings in Motion. You’ll surely have an unforgettable day when you visit Art on Island!


8. PlayLab Robinsons Galleria

PlayLab Robinsons Galleria

Setting aside your kid’s stay away from the hi-tech devices and bring them to this PlayLab located in Robinsons Galleria, this family-friendly attraction is worth your time while visiting Manila. A digital interactive playground can serve as a refresher for kids to engage with classic physical activities and a digital playset that they can enjoy.

PlayLab consists of 14 set attractions: 12 interactive and 2 non-interactive. It flexes the innovative idea of combining the traditional playground and high technologies, such as the use of touch screen monitors or projectors, LED lights, real-time interactive green screens, and more! Create memorable moments with your family and kids as you try to defeat the alien invaders in Planet Defense. Lastly, take your kids for a nostalgic experience when you visit the Rainbow Tree.


9. The Mind Museum

The Mind Museum

Manila not only has entertainment and shopping centers but also has a lot of places for education and museums to help your kids discover this wonderful world. The kids certainly will marvel in front of the T. rex fossil skeleton in Earth Gallery exhibit or catching fun shows and cool experiment demonstrations at the Science Demo Area.

If you also are science buffs and enthusiasts discover the secrets of the universe, you will feel excited when visiting The Mind Museum, let set a team with your kids and explore 5,000-square meter exhibition space filled with 250 different interactive exhibits. The galleries span nature in scale, from the smallest of things to the largest, and everything in between. Besides that, they also have a Botanical Garden as a venue for other educational programs.


10. Dinner Buffet and Cultural Show at Barbara’s

Dinner Buffet and Cultural Show at Barbara's

What is the best way to enjoy night after the entire day busy with a lot of activity? Treat yourself and your family with a good dinner in Barbara. Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant is a famous restaurant with gourmet local delicacies and a colorful dance and music performance in the best of Filipino traditions. Located in Manila’s oldest historic district, Intramuros, and famous for its Spanish-themed interior and authentic Filipino cuisine.

Be with your kids to rewind time back to Manila’s colonial past in the space and indulge in a varied buffet of local delicacies and classic favorites like Beef Kare Kare, Chicken Adobo and more. The dinner is followed by a one of a kind cultural performance including folk dancing in traditional costumes and musical entertainment.


When we think about travel to the Philippines with kids, most people often think about the island with a white sand stretch along the seaside. However, besides the beautiful islands, Manila also known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, the chaotic capital of The Philippines is vibrant, colorful and surprisingly family-friendly with their own attractive and plenty of things to do with your kids. Sometimes, you may need to think about which places should you go to or should you skip it for next time when you come back. If this thing happens, you just need to choose the activities depending on your kids’ age and keep in mind whatever you like for the next trip.