10 Best Things To Do in Macau with Kids

Nowadays, Macau has changed. They are not only has known for their casinos, but there’s a bit of heritage to be discovered in the corner of the streets. Macau was once a Portuguese colony with many things is still under Portuguese influence visible in the colorful, colonial architecture and cuisine. Therefore, most families prefer to come here to explore mystery Macau with many things to do with kids. It just takes an hour from Hong Kong by ferry (Cotai Jet), you can reach to this peninsula and discover some exciting attractions here.


1. Gondola Rides at The Venetian Macau

Gondola Rides at The Venetian Macau

You must have been quite familiar with the image of the gondola boat and the gondolier at romantic Venice. Do you know that in Macau also have this kind of transportation in The Venetian Macao – a luxury hotel with their amenities of gondola rides? You don’t need to stay at this hotel to enjoy this ride, this attraction sells the ticket for everyone to enjoy the feeling to seat on a gondola boat and listen to a serenade during your romantic ride through the San Luca, Marco Polo or Grand Canals of Shoppes at the Venetian. You also can take family photos with the gondolier and bring home a souvenir photograph to remember this wonderful experience. Let enjoy this unforgettable with your kids and give them a chance to be in Venice just in Macau.


2. Macau Tower

Macau Tower

The tower is 338 m (1,109 ft) in height from ground level to the highest point. The observation deck features views, restaurants, theatres, shopping malls, and the Skywalk, where you can walk around the outer rim. The activities in this Tower will depend on how the age of your kids. If your kids are little ones, you can buy the ticket for sightseeing the 360 degrees with a bird’s eyes view for your whole family. Either, your kids are teenagers and they dare to try some thrill activities, you can let them try with Skywalk, Bungy Jump, and Skyjump. That’s would be great for one day in this tower with many things to do with your kids. So, do you want to try it?


3. Golden Reel Ferris Wheel

Golden Reel Ferris Wheel

Most people are familiar with the wheel in a circle, but in Macau, the famous Golden Reel Ferris Wheel in Studio City Macau is followed number 8 shape figure. Number 8 in the conception of Chinese is a lucky and prosperous number. Well then, you should bring the kids to experience the world’s first figure 8 Ferris wheel operating a whopping 425ft above the ground! This will be a different way to enjoy Macau’s landmarks from your pod as well as breathtaking views of the South China Sea.


4. Macao Science Center

Macao Science Center

Macau is not only the destination for entertainment and shopping, but they also have some education center and science, and the Macao Science Center is also one of that. They have a 14-gallery exhibition center with specific areas for kid-friendly topics, technology, environment, and lifestyle. The colorful and interactive exhibits are sure to pique your curiosity! One thing that your kids should not miss out is a Guinness World Record-awarded, state-of-the-art planetarium – the highest resolution 3D planetarium in the world. The Science Center is more than just for your kids – there are equally as many things that adults will find interesting and enjoyable!


5. Legend Heroes Park in Studio City Macau

Legend Heroes Park in Studio City Macau

You will be extremely surprised by the technology game at Legend Heroes Park in Studio City Macau. This is a thrilling Tech-based Entertainment (TBE) Park that combines cutting-edge virtual technology with the physical world for an unparalleled immersive experience. If your kids used to play some VR games or they really want to explore the different ways of VR games, this attraction is really suitable for them.

The park combines the virtual with the physical world to create unique experiences: enjoy a variety of cutting-edge technology ranging, play video games and sports plus get to watch K-Pop groups perform their hits through holograms. However, since this is VR games, it is not suitable for the kids below 8 years old and the ticket’s price will be the same between kids from 8 years old and adults. Therefore, if your kids’ ages really in this range, you can enjoy this amazing indoor game with them together.


6. The House of Dancing Water Show

the House of Dancing Water Show

It will be an omission when you travel to Macau and haven’t enjoy The House of Dancing Water Show. Have you ever seen the stage with nearly four million gallons of water on the flat, 18-meter fountain jets, and a troupe of talented performers in one performance? All of these incredible things will be in this show in Macau. This show was created by the famed show-maker Franco Dragone, the show follows a classic story of love and villainy involving a shipwrecked stranger, a beautiful imprisoned princess, and an evil stepmother. Your kids certainly will not be able to take their eyes off the top performances of the artists’ acrobatics and divers, breathtaking dancing and costumes, and marvel at the spectacular pool bigger than five Olympic-size swimming pools!


7. Batman Dark Flight in Studio City Macau

Batman Dark Flight in Studio City Macau

Most of the kids admire the superheroes and would like to meet them in real life. Well then, why don’t you give them a chance to meet their idol with Batman Dark Flight in Studio City Macau, where the kids can immerse themselves into the action on the 4D simulation ride with realistic visuals and state of the art sound systems. Battle beside the legendary Batman in a showdown against The Joker, Two-Face, and Bane who are out to create conflict in Gotham. This is the first-ever 4D ride with the DC Comic character, it’s up to you and Batman to save the city! This place promises to be the most favorite place for Batman fans.


8. Macau Sightseeing Tours

Ruins of St. Paul's Macau with kids

Beyond either the glamour of casino or modern artificial sights, Macau, where once be colonial of Portuguese still have many landmarks to explore historically and cultures like the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of A-Ma Temple and the Ruins of St. Paul’s. You can book a tour to visit the dramatic Ruins of St. Paul’s and walk through the pedestrianized Senado Square. Savor delicious local and fusion foods. Taste the soaring heights of Macau Tower, then get a sampling of its world-renowned casinos in what is often referred to as the ‘Las Vegas of the East’! Just save one day to be with your kids to discover mysterious Macau in the heart of bustling urban.


9. Urban Kitchen Buffet at Macau JW Marriott Hotel

seafoods in the JW Marriott Hotel Macau

JW Marriott Hotel Macau is famous for tastefully decorated, spacious accommodation, a wealth of 5-star amenities and unbeatable placement within Galaxy Macau, home to world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment. If you do not stay here, you also can come here to enjoy the Urban Kitchen buffet, a modern and lively all-day dining outlet, featuring a buffet composed of international and regional flavors. Whatever your kids are picky eaters or love to eat or drink, they will like this place. They have six different food zones each with a designated chef, including Seafood Bar, Macau, Portugal & Tuscany, Cantonese, Beijing & Sichuan, Japan & Korea, and Desserts. You can choose between the lunchtime or dinner for your kids an incredible experience in your Macau trip.


10. Sightseeing Cruise in Macau

Sightseeing Cruise in Macau

Macau has 41 km of coastline and the bustling harbor that giving the visitors an opportunity to take a scenic boat ride around the vibrant city of Macau in a unique way with a luxurious cruise. Exploring with your kids to gaze at the majestic A-Ma Temple which is one of the oldest and most historically significant structures in the city. Pass by Sai Wan Bridge, which spans over 2 kilometers and connects Taipa Island and Macau Peninsula. Admire iconic structures like the Macau Tower and Casino Lisboa, then see the dragon-shaped Macau-Taipa Bridge. Bring out your cameras to take a family picture with the amazing Macau-Zhuhai Artificial Bridge before concluding your journey at the nearby HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.

Forgetting about Macau with legalized gambling and revenues dwarfing that of flashier Las Vegas. They have many things to do in Macau with kids beyond what we thought about. Explore The Venetian for a relaxing canal cruise on your own gondola. For a show-stopping performance, catch The House of Dancing Water at the City of Dreams! Therefore, don’t be afraid of this city, let prepare and bring your kids to conquer this mystery but plenty of amazing cities.