10 Best Things To Do in Bali with Kids

Bali – the heaven of forested, volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches, and coral reefs. However, some people think that the island of Indonesia only suitable for couples or senior people who come here to relax and enjoy water sports. And, you also wondering whether Bali has any best things for families or is Bali safe for the kids? Definitely to let you know that Bali has a lot of things to do with kids and your loved ones. Let’s start to explore amazing Bali to find out what to do with your kids in Bali before onboarding an aircraft.


1. Bali safari and marine park

Bali safari and marine park

Bali with kids is not only the beach with white sand stretch and water sports as we knew, but also has the safari and marine park where you can visit the petting zoo, the freshwater aquarium, watch the frenzy of the piranha feeding or see an animal show. Besides that, the kids can enjoy adrenaline-pumping rides at the Fun Zone and get wet in the Water Zone or enter the world of nocturnal animals at the Night Safari and enjoy a BBQ dinner with their parents.

This safari provides you many options to choose from the ‘Rhino 4 x 4’, ‘breakfast with lion & giraffe feeding’ to ‘night safari’ or ‘dragon’ to let your kids have the best moment as you wish on your vacation. You can choose the packages that you think will make your family have more fun.


2. Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali

You are a person who really likes water activities. However, this time you are traveling with your kids and you want to enjoy many activities with water as well as need a safe environment for your kids. Well then, why don’t you bring them to Waterbom Bali, this is the best choice for what are you need.

Waterbom Bali located in central Kuta, this is an oasis in the heart of the bustling tourist area and is Bali’s most popular waterpark. There are numerous thrilling rides and child-friendly attractions. While adults can enjoy massages or a tropical drink at the swim-up bar, the kids can head to the slides and wet play areas. Either, you and your kids can experience a range of internationally designed and constructed slides including the world’s longest waterslide, The Constrictor. However, during peak season, Waterbom Bali might close the gate for a few hours when it reaches maximum capacity and they will reopen the gate only when the crowds lessen. Therefore, you should come earlier in the peak season (summer) to avoid the crowd.


3. Bali bird park

Bali bird park

Your little ones are really like to discover the world, especially the animal’s world. You can help them with animals interact while be with them to visit Bali Bird Park. This is a beautiful botanical garden home of almost 1000 birds from 250 different species crafted into a natural habitat-like sanctuary. The park features birds from Indonesia, South Africa, and Latin America, as well as 2000 tropical plants.

The kids will have a chance to see the birds in very close distance or they can let the birds stay on their arms as same as the bird’s trainer who they have ever been seen on the TV programs. That looks so cool! A small note that you don’t miss some activities as feed lories and pelicans, watch birds of prey in action and be entertained at the park’s 4D theater before heading to the guyu guyu corner for a hands-on photo session with parrots and cockatoos! Also, you don’t miss out on the Bali Reptile Park that is located inside the area as well. It displays various reptiles such as the Komodo Dragon, Pythons, Lizards, Frogs, Turtle, Crocodiles and more.


4. Bali zoo

Breakfast with Orangutans at Bali Zoo

When we mention the zoo, we always think about the animals inside the cages, but the zoo in Bali is different from what you thought. Bali zoo is unique wildlife in a safe, friendly and educational environment. They have many of Indonesia’s exotic birds, mammals, reptiles, insects with more than 350 animals.

However, they are not only the ordinary zoo, but they also provide you a chance to have breakfast with orangutans at Bali Zoo. What a great option for your family! Let’s enjoy a unique breakfast totally different from the breakfast that your kids have every day at Bali zoo. You will get to watch the playful animals from up close as you enjoy your sumptuous meal and keep your eyes open for more of Bali’s fauna who will be happy to join the breakfast. There are 2 selections between an Indonesian or Continental menu for your meal paired with fruity drinks and a beautiful natural landscape.


5. Devdan Show

Devdan Show

If your kids are from 3 years old and above, you can bring them to watch Devdan Show. This is an award-winning performance on Indonesian culture, the top-rated show for visitors to Indonesia. Indonesia has more than 18,000 islands and a population of 240 million which is a tapestry of unique cultures spread across a wide variety of people. The Devdan Show will show you how Indonesia celebrates ‘Unity in Diversity’ with a contemporary take on traditional culture from Bali, Sumatra, Borneo, Papua, and many other islands.

The kids will like this show because the show combined the elements of modern, including acrobatics and special effects, culture comes to life for the whole family. Experience dramatic Kecak fire dances, shadow puppets, warrior chants, water dances, tribal ceremonies, and more!


6. Goa Gajah, Rice Terraces, Tibumana Waterfall, and Traditional Village in Ubud

Rice Terraces in Bali

Setting aside the play station games and the computer monitor when you travel to Bali. Let’s start to explore the nature of Bali on a trip with your little ones to man-made wonders, meditational cave of Goa Gajah and roam the nearby bathing pools and fountains. Take a photo with your family at the iconic Tegalalang Rice Terraces, a must-visit landmark on every Bali traveler’s bucket list. The kids will be surprised with the power of nature-mother when they see a sight of the untouched Tibumana Waterfalls. The sound from the waterfall and the stunning view around there will bring to your family a calm and relaxation moment.


7. Lembongan Reef Cruise on Bali Hai Cruise

Lembongan Reef Cruise by Bali Hai Cruise

Traveling to Bali with kids but haven’t enjoyed the water sport or snorkeling to see the reef is really an omission. However, you are travel with your kids and everything needs to be considered is a different view compare to the previous time when you are still alone. Don’t worry about that, Bali is a wonderful island, the have the activity that really can let you see the reef without snorkeling, either, if you really want to, you also can do both of it at the same time.

Lembongan Reef Cruise is a luxury catamaran with fun-filled activities: snorkeling, ‘submarine’ coral viewing, island cultural walk, 35m slide, and unlimited banana boat rides plus optional diving or aquanauts! They also provide the foods and drinks, including morning and afternoon tea and snacks plus a delicious international buffet lunch. The kids will be safe to see the reef either they also can swim and snorkel the tropical waters, enjoy unlimited banana boat rides, a cultural tour of the island or the 35-meter waterslide if their age is really suitable to.

8. Finns Bali

Finns Bali Super Fun Pass

Your family vacation comes to help each member in your family have a great moment to relaxing and re-charging the energy. However, each person has a differ hobbies: your eldest kids like an exhilarating aquatic adventure, the youngest kids prefer indoor activity without dangerous and you also need relaxation and leisure in the paradise-like ambiance and soak up the tropical sun or simply just a spa or massage for a short-rest.

Finns Bali has all that you need. Bring your family to enjoy aquatic adventures and thrill-seeking slides at the Splash Waterpark or challenge yourself on aiming for the highest jump at Bounce Bali, Bali’s first trampoline center open for all ages. Try your luck on a game of bowling at the Strike Ten Pin Bowling and perhaps spend the rest of the day basking in the tropics at the Finns Beach Club. Besides that, this paradise-like island also has state-of-the-art amenities such as Fitness Center, Tennis Center, Sports Bar, and more.


9. Toya Devasya Hot Spring

Toya Devasya Hot Spring

After a few days of conquering the exciting activities in Bali, your whole family may need a day of relaxation! Well then, let take a short-rest at Toya Devasya. Located in Central Batur, Toya Devasya is known for its collection of natural hot spring pools filled with healing properties.

They have an outdoor swimming pool that helps calm the kids and lets them enjoy the sound of the natural landscape. Savor the warm healing waters of the hot springs and marvel at the gorgeous view of the nearby Lake Batur during your stay. Toya Devasya also has spa service but this only applies to adults, you can let the kids immerse themselves in hot spring while you are enjoying the spa service.


10. Sunset Dinner Cruise on Bali Hai Cruise

Sunset Dinner Cruise by Bali Hai Cruise

Enjoying the sunset of Bali with your kids on a cruise. This would be the best idea that you could do to end your day with your family. Bask in the light of the setting sun as the sky changes to beautiful hues of orange, purple and red as you float along the harbor on the luxurious catamaran. They serve the international buffet dinner and the kids can eat all as they can while you are enjoying an open dance floor and live cabaret show, it promises to be a night to remember for you as well as for the kids.


Bali is a world-famous island scattered with various cultural hotspots. Whatever your kids of any age always have the best thing to do with them in Bali. From the safari, the Tegalalang Rice Field to water sports which will fascinate your kids in the first glance. Let’s prepare everything for your trip and hop on heaven island, Bali to enjoy your unforgettable vacation with your family.