10 Best Family Hotels in Galway

Galway – a city situated in the West of Ireland which has full of culture, art, and music in a charming town. This city doesn’t have either wonderful theme parks or amazing attractions like the same with others. However, it still has its own imprint with many unique things to do in Galway with kids on a family trip. Besides things to do in Galway, you may concern about where to stay in Galway for a family vacation. Hence, you should refer to some best family hotels in Galway below to plan your trip better when traveling with kids.

First of all, you can check for some great neighborhood that is suitable with your family. Either, you also can choose where is convenient with your journey or your plans to avoid the hassle. Normally, the city center is the most popular area that almost travelers prefer to stay in Galway. This is the best area for everyone especially if this is your first time! Therein, a lot of convenient things in this area, from the supermarket to malls or public transportation. If you are going to book Hop-On-Hop-Off service, you should stay in this area for easy to join-in this activity. There are also many famous attractions around such as Galway Museum, Galway Cathedral, and Eyre Square.

However, if you would like to find a quiet place with a peaceful air for relaxing or be more close to nature. You can consider staying in Salthill – the area with more resort or home vacation. It can say this area is more family-friendly and it is a perfect choice for those who love to wander along the beach. If you intend to rent a car for your family, you can stay in this area since it is more convenient when you have your own vehicle. Below are some of the recommended hotels in Galway that you may want to explore.

1. Salthill Hotel 

As the name of this hotel, it is located in the charming area – Salthill, Galway. There is one of the tops of family hotels in Galway that you can consider. in general, the price is acceptable for all the good conditions here. Therein, the hotel provides 23 m swimming pool, a whirlpool, and a large gym. Plus, the services for a family such as kids’ meals (with extra fee) and a free crib for kids 0-4 years old. Besides that, the location is suitable for those who rent a car with a free parking lot on site. The neighborhood is so family-friendly in a quiet place and near the promenade of the beach.

2. Eyre Square Hotel

This is one of the best family hotels in Galway, located in the center city. The location is excellent with a few steps to Galway Railway Station and Eyre Square Centre. Therefore, it is so convenient for your family if you would like to use public transportation during your Galway trip. Though there is no swimming pool, it still provides a great service for kids such as kids’ meals and free crib or an extra bed when requested.

3. Jurys Inn Galway

Another hotel situated in the center of Galway – the most convenient area for those who love to stay in a bustling town. It’s just a few steps to Galway City Museum and The Market. Whereby, the distance from Galway Railway Station is approximately 15 minutes walk from here. In general, the price is the plus for this hotel since it has all the good services such as a family room and a free crib for kids up to 6 years old. Breakfast already included and it is so good when dining outside the garden right next to the river.

4. Clayton Hotel Galway

The decoration in this hotel is one of the pluses that we would like to come back. It is so elegant! The service is so fantastic since they provide all the necessary services for a family trip such as kids’ meals, swimming pools, and family rooms. There is no smoking smell around and you will be completely assurance about your kids. However, it is not near the main station and it should be better when you intend to rent a car on your trip. By the way, they offer a free parking site and you can easy to plan your trip if you glad about their service.

5. The Ardilaun Hotel

This is a luxury hotel located in a charming town – Salthill. In general, this hotel is quite suitable for those who love to relax with a family in a private place. If you want to stay in this hotel, you should have a car or renting a car for an easy transfer. However, it has all the amazing services that you can stay and enjoy your pleasure time. Therein, they have 2 swimming pools and a spa bathtub. Besides that, there are many activities for a family trip such as some board games, Indoor play area for kids, and books, DVDs & music for kids. You also will be served kids’ meals if requested and enjoy some water sports facilities on site.

6. Clybaun Hotel

The hotel is quite ideal for relaxing when it is located in a quiet place of Salthill. It is not so crowded but it still has many convenient things for a family trip. The Galway Railway Station may distance 5 km from here but you can use the bus stop right away the corner to reach Eyre Square (near the Galway Railway Station). However, if you intend to rent a car, this is a great choice since they offer a free parking lot. Regarding the service, it is totally satisfactory since they provide kids’ meals, a free crib for kids under 3 years old. They have swimming pools, a picnic area, and also a beautiful garden.

7. Flannery’s Hotel

If you are looking for a budget hotel that is suitable for a family trip. This should be a great family hotel in Galway for your consideration. Flannery’s Hotel has elegant decoration with many wood furniture. It is very clean and warm, which makes you feel comfortable. Besides that, the location is really convenient, where they have a bus stop across the street. You can use the bus from here to the Galway Railway Station and start your journey. They also provide kids’ meals and a free parking lot at the hotel.

8. The Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel has an excellent location where you can easy to reach out to Galway Railway Station and Eyre Square in a few minutes. They follow the simple decoration and not too fancy but the room is clean and comfy. The price is not expensive for all the service and location, but they don’t offer breakfast in the rate. You need to buy separate or you can choose to dine in a restaurant around the neighborhood. Besides that, there is no parking site, you should consider this hotel if you want to rent a car during your trip.

9. The Western Citypoint Apartments

If you are going to a Galway trip in a family group with many people or simply you only need a private space. Well then, you can consider staying in an apartment. Staying in an apartment will be suitable for those families to prefer cooking and enjoy their pleasure time in their way. The Western Citypoint Apartments has a good location in the heart of Galway city. Therein, it is a lot of convenient things around the neighborhood. From the key destinations such as Eyre Square Centre, Galway Railway Station, and Lynch’s Castle in 15 – 20 minutes walk. For shopping, it is quite near the Galway Shopping Center and The Market. Besides that, there is a free parking site and you can easy to rent a car during this trip.

10. Modern City Centre House

One of the pluses on this vacation home is suitable for a big group and a great location. It is quite easy to go everywhere since this is the center of the city. It’s right next to Galway Shopping Center and only 10 minutes walk to Eyre Square Centre. Besides that, the house is good for a group of up to 8 people. They have all the necessary facilities and the garden for your BBQ dinner if you like.

In general, it is not hard to find the great family hotels in Galway for your Ireland trip. You only need to find a suitable neighborhood in which you want to stay between Salthill or the center of Galway. Therefore, if you would like to refer to some advantages or disadvantages of hotels in Galway. You can check out some recommendations above to choose the best one for your family trip.