10 Best Family Hotels in Copenhagen

There are many different from the other cities in Europe like London or Rome, Copenhagen has its own imprint. The capital of Denmark and also the biggest city in the entire country – Copenhagen is the popular destination in Europe for most of the family trips. This is a colorful city in rich culture and architecture. It should be a great place for the family to explore the history, stunning view toward the canals, and amazing things to do with kids. Therefore, most of the family prefer traveling to Copenhagen either for a short vacation or a long trip in a week.

However, this city is considered quite expensive in Europe that you should know it in advance. It is not hard to find the best family hotels in Copenhagen, but the price is not that low. Hence, one of the tips that you should book your accommodation as far as your departure as you can. Otherwise, you may book the hotel is not so central to getting a better price.

Copenhagen is not a big city but it is not easy to find the best place to stay in for a first- visitor. The city is divided into 10 districts and most of the attractions are stretch all the city. Therein, you only need to find a neighborhood that is suitable for your plan or near the convenient transportation ways for you. However, there are some recommend neighborhoods that you can consider to stay in when traveling with your kids.

Indre By or Copenhagen Old Town is a luxury area which is the most central area in the city. Most visitors love to stay here at their first visit to Copenhagen. Also, this is the most expensive in the city and you should consider it before booking your stay here.

Vesterbro is also a great choice for travelers in Copenhagen. However, it is quite suitable for young people with plenty of dynamic nightlife places. There are many shops for souvenirs, food halls, and art galleries in this area. If you don’t mind about the night sleepless area or you love to join-in them, you can stay in this area.

Nyhavn is the most iconic area in Copenhagen which is quite familiar with the colorful house blocks along with the port. This also called the New Harbor with a stunning view toward the port as many boats along with the charming cafes. Moreover, you will find out the famous statue Little Mermaid feature of the most famous fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen.

Østerbro is a family-friendly neighborhood that you can choose during your trip with kids in Copenhagen. Since this area stays away from the noise, bustling, and busy of the city. There will be an authentic Danish style when staying in this area. If you love to enjoy a peaceful air and a green park, this location is good for you. Therein, it has many retail shops, cafes, and restaurants around this area. Besides that, Nørrebro and Christianshavn are both located far away from the center but it’s still convenient for travelers with a budget price. You also can consider staying in these two areas if you don’t mind that is not so central.

Regardless of the locations that you love, you also can refer to some recommendations hotels below for preparing your accommodation in Copenhagen.

1. The Square

This is one of a top pick for family hotels in Copenhagen on the trip with kids. The Square has a modern design and the room is not so big but it still comfortable for everyone. They have family rooms which can offer up to 4 people in a room. Regarding the location, that is excellent since it’s near Hans Christian Andersen Fairy-Tale House that you couldn’t skip on a trip with kids. Besides that, this hotel is not far from the Vesterport train station and the city center. The neighborhood is quite convenient with many restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores around.

2. Ascot Hotel

An exciting thing about this hotel is located inside a building that was built since the 19th century. The hotel has a great location when it distances only 200m to the Vesterport Train Station and 500m away to the Copenhagen Central Station. Moreover, there are many restaurants and supermarkets around the area. You can easy to find something that you need from the stores. Besides that, they also offer a kid-friendly buffet, family rooms, and free gym access for all guests! There is a private parking site with a parking fee is DKK 295 per day.

3. Wakeup Copenhagen – Borgergade

One of the best deals for a list of good family hotels in Copenhagen for a family trip. Above all, the location and the rate is the most amazing thing when mentioning about this hotel. It is not far from the Hans Christian Andersen Monument and Strøget. From here, you can easy to reach Nyhavn in 5 minutes and only 1 km to the Nørreport station. Though the room is not so spacious with this price, this is quite an excellent deal for all the comfortable conditions inside the room. There is a small garden and you also can enjoy a cup of coffee every morning there! Let’s rent a bike if possible to cycling around the city center a half-day for a better experience.

4. Hotel 27

This is one of the good budget family hotels in Copenhagen. Though the hotel is not so big but it contains all the excellent service. For the location, it’s quite convenient when you can easy to go to the Copenhagen City Hall in 5 minutes and Tivoli Gardens in 10 minutes walk. Though the room is not big but it still accommodates your family up to 3 people. It’s quite clean, airy, and comfortable. Moreover, they offer some board games for a family, you should ask the staff when needed. Also, you can rent a bike onsite with a small extra charge.

5. Tivoli Hotel

This is one of the best family hotels in Copenhagen with a good location and great service for a family trip. Though the price is a bit higher than the others, it has plenty of services for the family. Besides the good location since only 10 minutes walk to the Copenhagen Central Station and not far from the Tivoli Gardens. There are many restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets around the area. However, the best thing about this hotel is the facilities and services. They can offer kids meals and other services for the family such as strollers, kids’ TV channels, or indoor play area. Moreover, they have a kids’ club without charge and outdoor play equipment for kids. Also, all the indoor swimming pools is free and you can request a crib with DKK 150 per child, per night.

6. Absalon Hotel

The main concept of this hotel is simple and elegant with white color and others impress colors to make the building is greater at first look. The decoration of the family rooms looks modern and airy. These soundproof rooms have a nice city view and breakfast also included in the rate. Therefore, it’s quite a good at the price of a room that can accommodate up to 4 people. For the location, it’s not far from the Copenhagen Central Station with only 5 minutes walk. There are many good conditions for a family with a game room, board games, and a free crib for kids under 4 years old. also, you can rent a bicycle with a small extra fee onsite for a short trip around the city.

7. Copenhagen Island Hotel

Located in the Vesterbro district and only 5 minutes to Fisketorvet Shopping Center. If your family intends to shop for somethings, you can consider staying here. It is quite convenient since it’s not far from Dybbølsbro Train Station and only one train stop to Tivoli Gardens. However, the great thing about this hotel is a room’s rate. This is such a reasonable price for a family with 3 people in this expensive city! They also offer a free crib for kids under 3 years old when requested. Don’t forget to enjoy a meal at their restaurant to enjoy a stunning view of the harbor.

8. Hotel Østerport

If you love to stay in a peaceful place in Copenhagen, Østerbro is a great district that you can choose to stay in. Whereby, most of the family often choose Hotel Østerport for their short trip to Copenhagen. It’s such a safe and quiet neighborhood that is far away from the noise. They have a good service with a kid-friendly buffet and family rooms for up to 4 people. There is bicycle rent at a reasonable price and parking site (may apply extra fee). Regarding the location, it’s excellent when right next to the Osterport Train Station. There are many restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores within this area. You still can go everywhere quite easily by using public transportation.

9. Rye115 Hotel

Another hotel located in the Østerbro district for those who love a peaceful place. Rye115 Hotel is designed as a charming place with most of the rustic furniture inside the room. It’s quite warm and cozy when staying in this hotel. You should try their coffee, it is so great! Though they don’t have much feature service for a kid, it quite convenient when the room is spacious and the board games or puzzles will be provided for your family when you request. There are a garden and a picnic area that is suitable for those family who loves to enjoy outdoor activity. For the location, it’s not far from the Osterport Station and you can walk to The Little Mermaid in 15 minutes or 5 minutes by taxi.

10. Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen

This is a condo-hotel that you can consider if you would like to stay in a private area with your family. They could offer a studio for a family with one kid or an apartment with one or two bedrooms that can accommodate up to 4 people. Moreover, the price is reasonable with all the good facilities and more private for your family. It is only 10 minutes walk to The Little Mermaid and the Osterport Station. Besides that, there are many services onsite that you can request from the staff such as kids’ meals or kid buffets. For the facilities, there is a swimming pool, a garden, and a balcony that you can sit back and relax. There is a parking site with an extra fee is DKK 300 per day and a crib for kids under 4 years old at DKK 75 per child, per night.

Though the hotels’ rate in Copenhagen is a bit higher than other destinations in Europe, you still can find a good one for your family. There are many good family hotels in Copenhagen located in the heart city. Therefore, you should book in advance for your accommodation as far as your travel time to prevent full-booking. Also, referring to some tips above to help your reservation more reasonable.