10 Best Things To Do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan with Kids

Traveling to Taiwan will not complete if you haven’t visit Kaohsiung – a Southern city of Taiwan where is mixed between traditional culture and modern style in commercial and travel. Kaohsiung becoming the second-largest city in Taiwan from a small trading village and travel is one of the factors to contribute to their growth. Therefore, there are many things to do in Kaohsiung with kids. Especially, it is quite suitable for a family trip. If you need to enjoy most of the attractions and sightseeing in Kaohsiung, you need at least 3 to 4 days here. Let’s check it out some things to do in Kaohsiung!

1. E-Da Theme Park

E-Da Theme Park
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E-Da Theme Park is the biggest park in Kaohsiung with the unique Greek Aegean Sea styled in Taiwan. Most of the family will bring their children here for a wonderful day when visiting Kaohsiung. The park has three zones with the main topic are Acropolis, Mountain City, and Trojan Castle.

Besides the kids, this park also surprise adults with many wonderful things. From the roller-coaster reaching 55 meters, “Flying Over Love Sea” a ride reaching 33 meters to many beautiful scenes of the Greek environment for perfect posts on your social network. E-Da Theme Park is quite big even though they have Monorail running through the park. Therefore, you should download the guide map and performance schedule to save your time and help you enjoy the full section in the park.

Also, remember to bring more water bottles and some snacks for your kids. The visitor center can provide many services such as troller rental, pet deposit, phone charging.

2. Suzuka Circuit Park

Suzuka Circuit Park
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It’s no exaggeration to say that Kaohsiung is the place with first-class theme park in Taiwan. While E-Da theme park is the unique Greek Aegean Sea styled in Taiwan, Suzuka Circuit Park is the first kart racing theme park in Taiwan. Therefore, visiting a theme park is one of the best things to do in Kaohsiung with kids. Your family will have many choices to decide which theme park that your kids prefer to visit.

Suzuka Circuit Park is really a place for those who like the car and exploring the racing kart which is suitable for everyone. On the other hand, if you also like this, you can join in with your kids. Because one car can accommodate 1 adult and 1 child. What is ideal! Besides the kart racing, they also have some exhilarating rides on the park’s carousel and a trolley for a relaxed tour of the park’s grounds.

It is quite convenient to come here by Kaohsiung MRT. You can alight R4A Caoya Station from exit 1, turn left to Taroko Park and the walk to Suzuka Circuit Park

3. Suzuka Circuit Park Laser Wars

Suzuka Circuit Park Laser Wars
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Since your family is in Suzuka Circuit Park, why don’t you pass by Suzuka Circuit Park Laser Wars for a short game with your family members? This sounds a great idea! Most people will list this activity in their thing to do in Kaohsiung with kids. Therefore, what they have for this game?

You will be a team or divide into two teams to a heart-pumping laser fight. With this activity, you’ll get the thrill of the usual paint-balling, without requiring much time, organization, or bruises! The maximum capacity for the game is 14 people. You may choose between ‘single-player’ and ‘multiplayer’ (group battle) modes at the location.

Sometimes, if there are many participate, the staff onsite can assign the game mode as ‘multiplayer’ and separate all the participants into two groups. Therefore, if your family prefers to join at off-peak hours, you should avoid the weekend since there are many people come at this time.

4. Fo Guang Shan

Fo Guang Shan
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One of the popular religions in Taiwan is Buddhist and Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Memorial Centre is home to relics of Gautama Buddha and a colossal Buddha statue. You should not miss this place when pass by Kaohsiung even though you are not a Buddhism. This place always on top of things to do in Kaohsiung with kids.

You can bring the kids to visit this place to understand more about the religious culture of Taiwanese. Either, just for sightseeing since the scenery of this place is really gorgeous! Besides that, you can stroll down to the Cheng Ching Lake. There are many scenic sights all around such as the chateau of one of Taiwan’s former presidents that looks over the waters, and Phu Quoc Island situated within the lake.

Because this is a sacred place and has a religious factor. Hence, you should wear properly costume when visiting this place. The clothes must be cover your shoulder and knees and your kids should be as well.

5. Kaohsiung i-ride experience center

Kaohsiung i-ride experience center
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Kaohsiung i-ride experience center stays inside Kaohsiung Software Park which is performed i-Ride – a state-of-art entertaining flying attraction. The participants will experience the 5D visual flying that you haven’t had it before. The best part of this game is you can have the feeling of an incredible ride that combines all the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and movement.

This is really suitable for a family that parents and kids can join together. That is a great thing to do in Kaohsiung with kids. When you fly through every place, the specific sound, the smell, and the scene of that place will appear like you are there in real. The feeling is quite excited!

The i-Ride Flight Theatre doesn’t perform on Monday and Tuesday. They have the opening hours different from a day in the week. You should check the time before going there. Going to i-Ride Kaohsiung is quite easy. You just take Kaohsiung Light Rail green line to Software Technology Park station, then see i-Ride Experience Center once you exit the station.

6. White Carousel in Kaohsiung

White Carousel in Kaohsiung
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White Carousel is famous not because of the carousel but because of the position of this one. This White Carousel is staying near Kaohsiung port. From this one, you can see all the sea views when you ride a carousel. Also, a good chance to bring many unique photos for your family.

Your kids definitely will like this place at first glance. Because the White Carousel has the vintage design which is covered by the entire white color based on the sky and sea background. Therefore, this is suitable for both adults and kids either who really want to enjoy the fresh air of the sea.

Meanwhile, you should visit in the afternoon till night to enjoy the sunset in the middle of the sea. Either, your family can immerse the soft glowing lights and romantic ambiance of the area.

7. Ten Drum Ciaotou Creative Park

Ten Drum Ciaotou Creative Park
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Ten Drum Ciaotou Creative Park is a former sugar factory when Taiwan was the Japanese Colonial. Nowadays, people turned it into a park with some of the ruin from the factory. In the public area, there are a few souvenir shops and especially the drum show is quite popular.

The drum show is one of the main reasons for visitors to come here. It is performed two times a day at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm at Water Theater Show. The show’s duration about 30 minutes and really attracted. Your kids also can try percussion experience during your visit.

On the other hand, at the gate of the park, a guide will help your family to go around the park with some information about this place. You can buy some souvenirs and relax in the garden inside the park. Ten Drum Ciatou Creative Park is located in Qiaotou. You can take the subway Red Line to Ciaotou Station and walk 5 minutes from Exit 1.

8. Meinong Town

Meinong Town
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If your family would like to go further from the city and explore the culture. Then, you can consider a trip to Meinong Town, learn about Hakka culture and aboriginal people in Taiwan. One of the good things to do in Kaohsiung with kids.

This tour will help your family to understand more about Taiwan culture. Meanwhile, your family can make a short trip to the town and find out some different things from other villages. Discover some landmarks at Meinong such as East Gate Tower and Literature Pavilions.

Not only that, but you should also try some local foods such as flat noodles and stewed winter melon. Either you can stroll around the Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park to bask in the beautiful, natural environment.

9. Moon World Landscape Park

Moon World Landscape Park
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It is not easy to describe Moon World Landscape Park when answering the question: what is ‘Moon World’ park have? Because most of the things here are ‘rock’ composed of mudstone, sandstone, shale, and chalk. Typically, this place has very little vegetation and have deep valleys or ravines.

However, this one still attracts many visitors to come and explore the white greyish ‘rocks’. Because of this color, the hills seem to glow when in the moonlight. Hence, they called it is ‘Moon World’ and also the landscape looks like the surface of the moon as well.

If your kids would like to be an astronaut, you can tell them the truth of how the real moon looks like when visiting this park. Besides that, if you really want to try, you can climb up to the long staircase around the hill, At this viewpoint, you can take some photos when you are in the middle of the landscape and bare hills.

10. Pier 2 Art District

pier 2 art district kaohsiung
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If your family still has time and wants to walk around Kaohsiung to explore the new things. Then, you can go to the Pier 2 Art District. This should be the must things to do in Kaohsiung with kids because of its feature.

This art street used to be an abandoned warehouse at the end of the Kaohsiung harbor. However, no one knows from when these streets become a tourist place which is many travelers come to see and take photos.

You can take the KRT Orange Line to Yanchengpu Station, from Exit 1, walk around 5 minutes to south along Dayong Road until you reach Pier 2 Arts District. This is totally free when you can walk around and take some photos with many art on the street’s walls.

If your family would like to take a break or just find someplace for lunch or dinner. You can pass by Takao1972 just 2 min walk from Dayi Pier 2 Station to try some delicious foods with Mango Shaved Ice – the iconic dessert in Taiwan.

Most people will think about Taipei when they want to travel to Taiwan. However, you could arrange a few days to visit Kaohsiung to explore the different atmosphere with the bustling city. There are many things to do in Kaohsiung for a family trip that both parents and kids can enjoy together. You can refer to some things above to plan your trip and experience with your family in Kaohsiung.