10 Best Things To Do in Hue, Vietnam with Kids

It seems that each Vietnamese city has a unique nickname: Hanoi is a thousand years of civilization, Ho Chi Minh City is the Pearl of the Far East, and Hue is a dreamland. Hue is a land of the ancient capital despite having spent hundreds of years but it still keeps the ancient, gentle, passionate. But Hue not only has old relics. Hue is favored by nature when it lies among the beautiful scenery of the sea, rivers, mountains, and passes. What are you waiting for on a trip with your children to visit Hue? Let your child begin to dream about a peaceful walk without rushing to enjoy the beauty of the land of marvels. And of course, the list of 10 best things do to in Hue, Viet Nam with kids below will help you with more tips and experiences for your upcoming trip.

hue with kids
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1. Hue Sightseeings

Royal Palace
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Begin the journey to explore the ancient capital of Vietnam by the Hue Sightseeings tour. Children will be able to visit famous places in Hue. Discover tombs, pagodas, rivers, legendary temples, visit the landscapes that tourists around the world see: Thanh Toan Bridge, Minh Mang Tomb, Nam Giao Esplanade. A lunch with hue dishes will fill your hungry stomach and help your child understand the royal culture here. After lunch is a tour along the poetic Huong River. And then visit  Imperial Citadel, An Hien Garden House, Thien Mu Pagoda, and many other places.

2.Hue City Cyclo Tour

Hue Cyclo
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Cyclo is a typical vehicle in Vietnam. Surely that your kids will be extremely surprised when sitting on this special cyclos. And with Hue City Cyclo Tour, you will go around the streets, admire the ancient architecture here. The bike will slowly take you across Trang Tien Bridge, which is a typical image of Hue. Explore the back roads, old towns, markets, and more. An extremely new and interesting experience for children.

3. Hue Street Food Walking Tour

banh beo hue
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Hue is famous not only for its historical and cultural sites but also for its royal cuisine. Therefore, Hue Street Food Walking Tour will help the children understand more about Hue culture and people. Discover local favorites such as water fern cakes (banh beo), steamed rice pancake with shrimp (banh nam), Hue beef noodle soup (bun bo hue), Hue pancake (banh khoai), and more! Enjoy the aromatic, sweet, salty, and sour taste when you try the diverse culinary essences along the streets of Hue. Most especially, you will enjoy royal service when enjoying the local dishes that have served the royal family.

4. Ao Dai Show

ao dai show
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Ao Dai is a traditional costume of Vietnamese people. So, one of the best things you have to do with kids in Hue is to enjoy the Ao Dai Show. The Ao Dai Show displays the splendor of Hue’s past through fascinating cultural performances. You will admire the rich cultural heritage of Hue court under the Nguyen Dynasty. In addition, the Royal Paper Fan Dance, Traditional Vietnamese Martial Arts, Lotus Dance, Cup Dance will surely make kids extremely excited and happy. Through this new experience, children will have more knowledge about Vietnamese culture and people.

5. Paradise Cave and La Vang Holy Land

Church in LaVang
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In addition to the typical architectural architecture, Hue is also endowed by nature with majestic landscapes. So, join your child on a memorable day in Vietnam and visit the longest dry cave in Asia called Paradise Cave. Combining that is the journey to learn about the history of Vietnam’s most famous Catholic temple, La Vang Holy Land. In Paradise Cave, you will discover the mysterious Paradise Cave and take a closer look at the stunning stalactites and stalagmites. And more amazed at the beautiful limestone rocks that naturally decorate the caves of Paradise Cave

6. Perfume River Private Dinner Cruise

Perfume River Private Dinner Cruise
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Perfume River is one of the characteristics of Hue. The river takes its name from the orchid flower that falls into the water in the fall, making the river fragrant and drawing many tourists to its canals. So one of the best things to do with kids in Hue is the Perfume River Private Dinner Cruise. This luxurious dinner cruise takes you past historic temples, pagodas, and mountains and ends with spectacular sunsets. In addition, children also participate in a new unique activity. It is burning paper lanterns and sending them to the sky to pray for good luck. This is definitely an unforgettable experience for children.

7. Tam Giang Lagoon and Seafood Dinner

Tam Giang Lagoon
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With sparkling waters and a distant horizon between rural scenes, Tam Giang Lagoon is one of the largest lagoons in Southeast Asia. The beautiful scenery has captivated many visitors and the majority of photographers. Let’s relax while walking around the lagoon and experience fishing with locals after arriving! When sunset comes, join your family to find a good spot to watch the sunset, when the lagoon is at its best. When the sun goes down, admire the magnificent scenery of the yellow water and the pink sky. Afterward, enjoy a sumptuous seafood dinner on a floating restaurant with your family.

8. Phong Nha Cave

Phong Nha Cave
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Discover the amazing variety of Vietnamese landscapes in the Phong Nha Cave Discovery Tour is one of the best things you have to do with kids in Hue. When coming here, children will explore 400 million-year-old limestone caves in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. Climb into the most beautiful caves in the world – Phong Nha Cave and see natural beauty. And discover beautiful underground landscapes and rivers. Sail along the mountain rivers and discover the mysteries of the high mountains. A journey of mingling with majestic nature is extremely interesting for children.

9. Thanh Toan Village

thanh toan village
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The countryside with lush rice fields is one of the unique landscapes of Vietnam. So, spend a day with your kids discover the lush rice fields, the majestic temples, and the daily life of Thanh Toan Village on this exciting trip to Hue. Here, you will learn how to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes under the guidance of a local chef. Join the rowing experience along the Nhu Y River. And especially become a local Thanh Toan for a day and experience village activities like fishing, farming, gardening and more! An extremely meaningful and special experience day.

10. Thuy Bieu Eco-Village

Thuy Bieu Eco Village
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Located in the vicinity of Hue, the Thuy Bieu Eco – Village is a peaceful countryside that preserves many of Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage. So, if your trip is plenty of time, come with your child to visit and learn more about the culture here. The village was founded by the Nguyen Dynasty. It is also home to hundreds-year-old nest houses, lush green tea gardens, and extremely beautiful village views. The rustic scenery, peaceful atmosphere, and delicious food will really win the fruit. little hearts. The village is also famous for Thanh Tra – the fruit that once served the tribe! In addition, you will learn how to cook traditional Vietnamese delicacies such as spring rolls, Nam cake, Hue cakes, and many other culinary flavors. After the cooking class, take some time to relax with a herbal foot massage after a day of discovery.

trang tien brigde
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The time to travel to Hue is the information that you need to find out before visiting Hue because the weather here is quite erratic. The spring in Hue lasts from late January to the end of February, the weather is very beautiful, the sun shines through the trees, the air is cool, sometimes chilly. Besides, from September to November in Hue is the autumn – the most beautiful season by the petals of purple larger strokes and yellow poinciana scattered on every poetic street. So travelers should consider when to visit Hue and choose the best time to travel to Hue and suitable for special trips with children.