10 Best Things To Do in Geneva, Switzerland with Kids

Geneva is a city in Switzerland and also a part of the French-speaking of this country. Therein, Geneva has a great position when it is near the French Alps in France and the south-western end of Lake Geneva. This advantage helps Geneva become one of the wonderful places to travel in Switzerland. Meanwhile, Geneva is a good place for a family trip. There are many amazing things to do in Geneva with kids that you can refer to.

Geneva also well-know for many agencies of International Organizations such as the United Nations and the Red Cross. This is one of the reasons for many tourists who come to visit this city.

The weather in Geneva is good in general and most of the time be good for travel. However, the best time to visit Geneva should be in summer (from June to August). Since this is a great time to enjoy a cruise on Lake Geneva. Plus, this time is mild and breezy weather, it is really good for a trip with your kids. However, this is also a peak season for travel in Geneva. Thus, you should prepare in advance for everything before your trip. Let check out some activities that are suitable for your family with kids in Geneva.

1. The Geneva Water Fountain

The Geneva Water Fountain
From: https://www.newlyswissed.com/

If you are wondering what you should do on a nice weather day in Geneva? You can consider a trip on a cruise. This is one of the great things to do in Geneva with kids on a clear day.

Most people love to take a trip on a cruise to travel along the Lake Geneva (or Lac Léman) to discover the beauty of the lakeside city. During this journey, your family can admire most of the iconic sights of Geneva such as the Pierres du Niton, Pointe à la Bise, Jet d’eau Fountain, and even the Mont-Blanc Mountain. Therefore, don’t forget to charge your camera battery before this trip. You will not want to miss almost the places.

2. St. Pierre’s Cathedral

the facade of St. Pierre’s Cathedral in Geneva
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St. Pierre’s Cathedral is the main church located in the heart of Geneva’s Old Town. The Cathedral is over 850 years old with the major architecture in Gothic style and some ancient designs. Therein, the position of the church also one of the fascinated things that you shouldn’t miss out on. The church stays slightly on the hill overseeing the city. Whereby, from the North and South Towers, visitors can see the magnificent view of Geneva. Because of the special position, this place becomes one of the best things to do in Geneva with kids for most of the family. Almost family love to bring kids here to explore the exterior of the church and climb up to the tower for sightseeing.

3. Place du Bourg-de-Four

Place du Bourg-de-Four
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If your family plan to visit the old town of Geneva, don’t forget to come to Place du Bourg-de-Four – the oldest square in Geneva. This square used to be the most important position since the 9th century and become one of the top destinations in Geneva in the present.

It just a few steps from the St Peter’s Cathedral, thus, you can combine to visit these two places in a day. Your family can wander around the fountains, drink some coffee under the sun, or can enjoy your lunch at the restaurant near here.

Otherwise, you can upgrade the experience by joining in a Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour with Cruise to go around Geneva. The tour runs in 48 hours with 4 different lines and your family can stop by this square for a short break at lunch.

4. Place des Nations

a broken chair in font of the main gate of United Nations Office at Geneva
From: https://handicap-international.ch/

If you would like to know where is the place that the Broken Chair is located, you should visit Place des Nations. This is a large square situated in the center of Geneva’s international district.

Therein, the image of the famous Broken Chair is quite familiar with people in the world. The chair stays in the heart of this square is a special position where people can express any opinion freely. Hence, this place often has full of people demonstrating or filing petitions.

However, this place always is mentioned on the list of things to do in Geneva that you can pass by for a glimpse. If you accompany your kids, you can book a day tour that can walk-through this place for a short visit. Besides that, there is a small park opposite the street and bus or tram station to reach here. Therefore, your family has many ways to choose to enjoy the Place des Nations.

5. United Nations Office at Geneva

the main gate of United Nations Office at Geneva
From: https://www.unwto.org/

In the same location as the ‘Broken Chair’ sculpture is The office of the United Nations in Geneva. This place quite famous for almost visitors in the world. It will be an omission when you travel to Geneva but haven’t visit this place. Thus, you can add this destination to your list of things to do in Geneva with kids.

United Nations Office at Geneva is one of the largest major office sites of the United Nations in the world and the largest office in Europe. Besides the meaning of the world, the architecture of this building is also one of the best reasons to visit.

At first glance, you will be overwhelmed at the way that leads to the main gate called The Allée des Nations, with the flags of the member countries. Whereby, walking through this way, you will see a building that is covered by an off-white color with the United Nations flag in the middle of the garden. Then, don’t forget to bring your camera and save for some moment of your family in this place!

6. Ariana Museum

the fountain in font of Ariana Museum
From: https://www.expatica.com/

When we mention the museum in Switzerland, the Ariana Museum always stays at the top. One of the reasons is this is the only kiln craft museum in Switzerland and Europe. Inside the Ariana Museum, there is a huge collection of ceramics and glass.

Therein, there are over 27,000 objects with all collection illustrate seven centuries of ceramics in Geneva, Europe, and the East. Besides that, there are some Islamic collection and pottery from China. The museum is one of the favorite places for those who love history and culture.

Furthermore, the architecture of this museum is an imprint for most visitors with its neo-classical and neo-baroque features. It is a little different from the local architectural style in Geneva.

7. A chocolate tour of Geneva

Swiss chocolate flavor
From: https://www.geneve.com/

This is good news for those who love Swiss chocolate. You and your kids can join in a Chocolate Flavors Walking Tour in Geneva. The tour is opened for everyone and especially the kids. Hence, you should list this into the things to do in Geneva with kids for a sweet trip with the family.

Definitely, most of the kids love the sweet taste of chocolate and this is a good chance for your family to join in a delicious tour. Therein, you can explore from the procedure how does it make the Swiss chocolate to the design of many shapes for this kind of chocolate.

Besides that, exploring some traditions of Geneva such as breaking the chocolate “marmite” (cauldron). This also includes the trip to visit the old town and listen to some stories of Geneva. That sounds an amazing trip for a family!

8. Glacier 3000

peakwalk at glacier 3000
From: https://swissfamilyfun.com/

One of the best places to visit in Switzerland is Glacier 3000. This is located in the Alpine Coaster, Europe’s highest, a 3000-meter high glacier.

Most of the visitors will combine the trip to Glacier 3000 with a short trip to the picturesque Les Diablerets. This is a small village with many chalets that are preserved in good condition.

Besides that, Glacier 3000 has many things to do with a cable car for you to marvel at the majestic 3000–meter high glacier. Furthermore, you also can try to walk-through the skywalk connecting two peaks long 108 meters. If your kids scare about this skywalk, you have another choice to obtain a fun park for some ride of the sled. Either, you can wander around the village of Diablerets, enjoy the fresh air and take some photos before backing to Geneva.

9. Yvoire Castle

the beautiful medieval village next to Yvoire Castle
From: https://frenchmoments.eu/

When you are in Geneva, you can take this chance to downstream along the Geneva lake to France for a short visit Yvoire Castle. Although it takes only 45 minutes from Geneva the castle belongs to France’s border.

Yvoire Castle located in the major position between “small lake” and the “large lake” that formed Lake Geneva. Because of this position, the village of Yvoire (the small village around the castle) was a center of several wars in the past. Besides the meaning of the history of its, Yvoire Castle is one of the typical places for all photography-lovers of Yvoire.

However, the castle becomes private property at present. You can not go inside for a visit but you can walk around and wander to enjoy the atmosphere of this unique place.

10. Chamonix and Mont-Blanc

panoramic view of Mont-Blanc
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If you would like to find someplace for relaxing and enjoy the magnificent view of nature. Chamonix and Mont-Blanc should be the top of your things to consider. Sometimes, the visitor only comes to Geneva for a short trip to Chamonix and Mont-Blanc.

Actually, Chamonix is an area belong to France, located on the way down the east side of France, below Lake Geneva. However, the way will be more convenient when you depart from Geneva. It only over one hour by car from Geneva International Airport.

Mont Blanc is the name of the mountain distances 80km from Chamonix where you can marvel at the picturesque town from the top. In winter, you can try ski and some extreme sports. In summer, it is good for sightseeing with natural beauty or some hiking. Therefore, regardless you travel on the season, you also can enjoy all the beauty of the French Alps in Chamonix.

If you only want to enjoy a pleasure trip with your kids. You can find a resort or book a tour for a visit includes the cable car up to Aiguille du Midi. Don’t forget this visit to the Chamonix village during your trip to immerse the romantic atmosphere here.

If you think that there are not many things to do in Geneva with kids. You will need to review all this list to be surprised by some amazing things for your family. Meanwhile, if your kids love outdoor activities or sport, Geneva is really a great destination for them. Let’s explore Geneva in your own way and have a good vacation with your family!