10 Best Things To Do in Guangdong, Mainland China with Kids

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. – Jawaharial Nehru

Mainland China is a vast country with many famous landmarks. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the Guangdong province. Traveling to Guangdong is the choice of many families. This place not only has a rich cultural history but also has many attractive destinations for your children to come and explore and learn about a huge culture of Asia. Besides, Cantonese cuisine is also easy to conquer your kids. So let check out the list of 10 best things to do in Guangdong with kids below, for a perfect trip and meaningful memories for your whole family.

1. Ping’ an International Financial Center in Shenzhen

The first place not to be missed when coming to Guangdong is Ping’ an International Financial Center. This is one of the tallest buildings in Mainland China. Especially when you come to this building, you will not only have a panoramic view of Shenzhen but also a panoramic view of Hong Kong right under your sight. In addition, the children here come to experience the OLED elevator going up at a speed of 10 m / sec when you go to the observatory and learn more about the development history of Shenzhen from a fishing small village to one of the most modern urban cities in China today. Whether coming here during the day or at night, you can admire the characteristic charms inherent to Shenzhen in this tower.

2. Guangdong First Peak

For those kids who love nature, breathing in the fresh air and relaxing in the pristine forest of the Guangdong First Peak will be a great gift for them. Spend a day with your child exploring lush forests and ancient trees, unique flowers, rare herbs, and endangered birds and animals. This subtropical landscape area is home to more than two thousand plant species. In addition to beautiful nature here, you can also take a dip in 20 hot spring lakes to relax and recharge your energy. Trip to Guangdong First Peak is the best choice for your family.

3. Chimelong Safari Park

Kids play in Chimelong Safari Park in Guangdong

Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou province is currently the largest safari park in the world with more than 20,000 rare animals of more than 500 different species. It is an integrated population of animals, plant protection, research, tourism, and general scientific education. Chimelong breaks the traditional decorative animal model and brings new sightseeing experience to tourists. In particular, you can visit the park by cable car with a transparent glass floor allowing children to see the forests and the animals under their feet. Noise-free and environmentally friendly design for the cable that causes minimal disturbance to wildlife. Don’t miss the chance to visit the ancient Jurassic forest. In the vast Jurassic forest, robots from the future will take your kids through the time and space tunnels back to the cruel dinosaur world, admire the resurgence of dinosaurs, and experience the exciting jungle adventure. Note when coming here with children is not to forget to bring mosquito repellent spray for them.

4. Snoopy Fun Fun Garden in Foshan

For kids who love comics, Snoopy Fun Fun Garden is a must-see place in Guangdong. The thing you need to do with kids in Guangdong is bringing them to this Garden. Children will meet the famous Peanuts like Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Sally, Shermy and many more favorite characters. They will have a chance to visit Charlie Brown’s House full of fairy tales and familiar scenes from the story, or Lucy’s pink house. Participate in the Trolltech interactive comic book doll program to experience lively and interesting interactions. Come to the magical 5D cinema to enjoy special effects movies and ecstatic sensory experience. This is truly a paradise for your children.

5. Yao Nationality Village of Nangang in Qingyuan


Yao Nationality Village

In Guangzhou, there is a village that still retains its ancient character and the life of thousands of years ago, which is Yao Nationality Village of Nangang. So, things to do with kids in Guangdong is to bring your child here for a great experience. This is a village of the Dao with the culture and customs still preserved from the Song Dynasty. Here, you can learn about their daily lives, and even ritual dances and festivals, like the Shua Ge Tang or the Harvest Festival, and the Long Drum Dance. As one of the most carefully preserved historical and cultural villages in China, this is a rare opportunity to witness a culture dating back to ancient times.

6. Guangzhou Sunac Snow Park

Guangzhou Sunac Snow Park will be an interesting destination for your whole family. This is the largest indoor ski park in southern Mainland China. You will have great memories with your family and children when exploring each area of this wonderful winter land. Don’t forget to save beautiful pictures of your family in this beautiful park.

7. Chuanlord Holiday Manor

Coming to Chuanland Holiday Manor in Foshan, your children not only have to experience the countryside life but also experience the exciting fun in the amusement park. Here, kids will discover 5 of the park’s main entertainment areas, including Screaming Paradise, Fairytale Animal Kingdom, Chuanlord Vacation Village, Farm Stay Park, and Water World. Screaming Paradise is home to games and activities like roller coasters and spaceships. If your little friends love animals, you can take them to the animal world where they can watch lions, tigers and wild boars. In addition, the children also learn how to make beer, make tofu and watch water puppetry or ball dancing at Farm Stay Park. Make your Guangdong trip more memorable with a visit to Chuanland Holiday Manor.

8. Pearl River Night Cruise in Guangzhou

Pearl River is the symbol of Guangzhou. Therefore, enjoy a Pearl River Night Cruise in Guangzhou will be a great activity on your trip with your family. The river with buildings on both sides reflects the bustling and dynamic life of Guangzhou. When traveling by boat, you can also choose to dine in the Buffet Hall for a great dining experience. This is a great way to see the city at night as an activity not to be missed in Guangzhou.

9. Chimelong International Circus Guangzhou

Guangzhou Chimelong International Circus is one of the best things that you have to do with kids in Guangdong. Here, children can enjoy spectacular performances from excellent and internationally trained circus artists from over 20 countries. In addition to performing arts circus, artists are trained to work with over 40 different animals to create a night that kids will never forget, so here, not only humans but animals can also tell interesting stories. This will be a night that the kids will never forget.

10. Imperial Hot Spring Resort Experience in Zhuhai

Finally, take your child to the relaxing experience of China’s first outdoor hot spring – the Imperial Hot Spring Resort in Zhuhai. There are up to 30 hot water pools, helping your whole family have a relaxing day, recharge after exciting activities. In addition, your child will have an exciting new experience with pools with small fishes that will preen off their dead skin. And for a complete relaxation experience, the resort also offers refreshing massages. A day to help you enjoy relaxing moments with your family.

Guangdong has a humid subtropical climate. Winter here does not last long. The winter weather is quite mild and dry. The summers are long, the humidity is high and the weather is quite hot. Overall, you can take your children to travel here for all four seasons around all year. Due to the mild winter weather, visitors coming in the winter are still quite high. In the summer, you need to be well prepared to protect the skin especially the essential skin of kids. Autumn and spring are the ideal time to travel in Guangdong. The climate is warm, the sky is cool and fresh.