10 Best Myrtle Beach Family Resorts & Hotels, SC

If you are looking for a place that is suitable for most of the members of your family, Myrtle Beach is one of the nominations for you. This is a city where you can enjoy food, games, shopping, and relaxing with your family. Because of this reason, there is so many tourism who choose Myrtle Beach as a vacation place in South Carolina during their holiday with their kids or beloved. Hence, many Myrtle Beach family resorts are opened to serve a vast of travelers an annual year. The hotels & resorts rate in Myrtle Beach also confuse people and you may need some references before your trip. Let’s check out some tips that may help you prepare your trip better!

What is the best place to stay in Myrtle Beach? As this is a beach city with long beaches continuing along the East coast of the U.S, staying near the beach must be the best choice. However, you should choose which areas are good and convenient for your family.

Myrtle Beach City Center is one of the best choices for tourism since this is a crowded area and contains a lot of Myrtle Beach family resorts. This area is suitable for a family trip with relaxing but also have more fun with many major attractions nearby.

Besides that, if this is not the first time that you travel to Myrtle Beach and you only need to relax in a peaceful place. Either, simply you just need an affordable price for Myrtle Beach family resorts or hotels, the South Myrtle Beach is “good”. Nonetheless, it’s only called “good” for the area near the airport for the convenient way on your transfers and cheaper on the hotels’ rate. Whereby, the best area in South Myrtle Beach is the neighborhood around Myrtle Beach State Park.

Meanwhile, North Myrtle Beach is safer if compared with the South. However, this area is quite private and far from the center. It’s quiet, peaceful, and a bit lonely. Despite this, there are many beautiful Myrtle Beach resorts situated here but the price is quite high. This area may suitable for the senior people, or some couple would like to hide the noise from the city temporarily.

Therefore, base on the information above, hoping you can define which areas are suitable for your family.

Or, you can refer to some Myrtle Beach family resorts & hotels below to find the good one for you.

1. Seawatch Plantation Resort by ResortShare

Situated in the center of Myrtle Beach, near the Myrtle Beach Travel Park, location is one of the advantages of this hotel. The neighborhood of this hotel is convenient to go to the Tanger Outlets Myrtle Beach Hwy 17, Circle K, and Grand Strand Medical Center.

Meanwhile, the facilities are good for the whole family as other Myrtle Beach family resorts & hotels. Therein, you can enjoy a pool, a gym, and a kids’ playground for free. Though they don’t have family rooms, their room is big enough for a max of 4 people with a DVD/CD player to entertain. Your kids can play at the kids’ playground for free while you enjoy a game room. Don’t forget to take a walk to the beach that is just right away from the hotel and immerse yourself in the sunset at the end of the day.

2. Bay View Resort Myrtle Beach

Among the Myrtle Beach family resorts, Bay View Resort Myrtle Beach is one of the great ones that you should consider. There is a kids’ pool beside an indoor swimming pool for adults and you can enjoy the beachfront just right away from the resort. Besides that, the location is extremely ideal while you can easy to go to Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, Myrtle Beach SkyWheel, and Family Kingdom Amusement Park. Meanwhile, the hotel also offers WiFi, car parking on-site, and a gym room for free. Though they can’t provide the family rooms, the rooms are enormous to contain up to 6 people that are featured with a DVD/CD player and a great balcony.

3. Ocean Enclave by Hilton Grand Vacations

This is one of the best Myrtle Beach family resorts & hotels because of the location. In there, the hotel isn’t far from the iconic Myrtle Beach SkyWheel and Myrtle Beach. Not only that, the hotel also easy to go many kids-friendly attraction in Myrtle Beach such as Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Ripley’s Aquarium, and Hollywood Wax Museum. It’s amazing if you stay here with your kids during your vacation in Myrtle Beach!

Regarding the facilities, it would be great for all the services like the two swimming pools, kids’ club, and also kids’ playground. Meanwhile, the family rooms is spacious, airy, and clean that can contain max of 8 people depend on the type of rooms. Don’t forget to enjoy other services for free like a crib for kids from 0-1 years old (you have to request when booking), a library, and some music or DVD for kids in the rooms.

4. Sandcastle Oceanfront Resort at the Pavilion

Sandcastle Oceanfront Resort at the Pavilion features one outdoor swimming pool and another indoor swimming pool. The view toward directly the sea with sparkling sunshine and airy every day. Not only that, but the hotel also offers suite rooms that are featured with a mini-kitchen inside with an oven, washing machine, and microwave. It sounds amazing for a family trip.

As this is one of the best Myrtle Beach family resorts & hotels, the location is exceptional where is very near to Chapin Memorial Park and Myrtle Beach SkyWheel. Also, from here, you can easy to walk to the sea, find a lot of restaurants, and convenience stores. Meanwhile, your kids can enjoy their time at a kids’ club or spend time watching DVDs/books inside your room while you find some cute souvenirs at the shop on-site.

5. Hilton Royale Palms

If your plan to Myrtle Beach is to enjoy the peace of the beach and spend your time with your loved ones, you can choose this hotel. The hotel situated in North Myrtle Beach and provides all the good services for a family trip.

Firstly, the location is great when you can see a wide view of the sea with airy and sea’s smell. Though it is not extremely center but the hotel provides a free shuttle service to the heart of Myrtle Beach. Secondly, they offer many facilities for your kids like a kid-friendly buffet and kids’ meal. You should request with the reception when check-in. Thirdly, the family rooms are spacious with a bathtub, a mini-kitchen with a microwave, and can contain a max of 6 people (depend on the rooms’ type).

However, as it’s not similar to other Myrtle Beach family resorts, the WiFi and the parking sites are not free. You have to pay a small extra fee for these two services.

6. Anderson Ocean Club and Spa

Maybe this hotel isn’t one of the best Myrtle Beach family resorts, yet it provides all the good services at an affordable. There are 3 swimming pools with one kid-pool and the other two is one outdoor and one indoor pool. Meanwhile, the location is quite convenient while you can easy to go to Myrtle Square Mall Shopping Center or Children’s Museum of South Carolina in a few minutes’ drive car. Besides that, the family rooms are featured with a sea view, kitchenware with a microwave, and a DVD/CD player. There is a car parking site for free and a mini-golf if you would like to try it!

7. Marriott’s OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes

There is nothing to complain about this hotel. From the location to all the facilities and services are fantastic! It can say this is a top pick on our list of Myrtle Beach family resorts & hotels. Whereby, if you have a good budget, don’t bother to spend your money to get all the excellent services for your beloved.

Firstly, the location is quite convenient where it is near many malls, restaurants, and the beach (of course). Secondly, the hotel features a gorgeous style, spacious family suites, and two swimming pools. Also, you can enjoy a gym room, a tennis court spa on-site. Meanwhile, their family rooms are set with a DVD player and kitchenware. Besides that, there are some services like WiFi, car parking, kids’ playground & kids’ club for free. Don’t forget to take time and relax at the poolside bar or wander the garden if you need some quiet.

8. DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Myrtle Beach

DoubleTree Resort situated near Myrtle Beach State Park and we consider it belongs to the South Myrtle Beach area. In one of the Myrtle Beach family resorts, this resort is the most impress us with the design and decoration. At the first glance, the ocean color and the family rooms in white makes us feel fresh and clean with airy from the balcony. Also, the private beach is quite peaceful, clear, and full of white sandy.

Meanwhile, the hotel provides three swimming pools with one kid-pool, a gym room, and a poolside bar. For the kids, they have a kids’ club, kid-friendly buffets, and kids’ meal (with a surcharge). Not only that, but they also offer many activities for free such as game rooms, bikes, and babysitting services. Pets are allowed with a small extra fee, you also can check with the staff to participate in some outdoor activities like fishing, golf, canoeing.

9. Westwinds Resort by ResortShare

You may know that there are some service apartments stretch along Myrtle Beach with many ranges of price. We don’t prefer to stay in a service apartment in Myrtle Beach since we love most of the Myrtle Beach family resorts.

However, this is one of the good places that we think you can consider if you are looking for it! Whereby, if you need more privacy, freedom, and saving for a big family, this is good for you. They have a free parking site, an apartment with full facilities including the kitchenware that you can cook by yourself. Also, they have both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. You can enjoy the garden with some BBQ facilities for free or easy to access the beach across the street.

Nonetheless, only one thing you should notice that if you don’t intend to drive a car or rent a car, you better don’t stay at an apartment. Because you may in trouble in transfer if you don’t have a car or you must take a cab for some short rides.

10. Kingston Plantation Condos

Sometimes, condo-hotels are one of the selections for the families with the convenience similar to the service apartment but the management and services like a hotel. However, the style of design for condo-hotels is prioritized for a family with many comfortable things. As same as other Myrtle Beach family resorts or hotels, this condo provides swimming pools (both indoor and outdoor), a gym room, and a beachfront.

Meanwhile, their rooms feature a kitchen with kitchenware, a microwave, and a refrigerator. Nonetheless, they still offer you kids’ meals, game rooms, and also a waterpark for kids. Besides that, you can let the kids enjoy the library while you are relaxing at the spa or play a few matches of tennis. The parking-fee is USD 9.99 per day and you can request breakfast with an extra fee of USD 32 per meal.

Because Myrtle Beach is a vacation city, thus, there are plenty of Myrtle Beach family resorts & hotels along the beach coast. Whereby, you only need to define which location you’d prefer to stay and how much on your budget, then, you can easy to find good accommodation. The hotels’ rate in Myrtle Beach is not so expensive compared to other beach cities like Miami or San Diego. It’s still in middle-average and you definitely can find the best one that is suitable for your family. Let’s explore some recommendations above and wishing you able to find the good one!