10 Best Kid-Friendly Hotels & Resorts in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is not really the hottest city when thinking about traveling to The U.S, the city still attracts tourism with its own imprint. It can say that Atlanta is a family-friendly city since there are many things to do with kids. Therein, the city is like a sporting hub with many teams of baseball, football, and basketball located around the city. Annually, there are many matches and activities that attract family to visit. Therefore, there are a lot of kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta that you would need to know before your trip. However, Atlanta is considered an expensive city in Georgia and it may be hard to find affordable accommodation for your family. This is one of the reasons that we think you need some tips for searching for your best stay in Atlanta with your family.

What is the best time to visit Atlanta?

Firstly, Atlanta is a great city with nice weather that extends all of the year. It isn’t too cold in winter and not so hot or humid in summer. Thus, if you wondering what is the best time to visit Atlanta, the answer is every time of the year. However, the people said that from April to October is a beautiful time to visit Atlanta.

What is the best place to stay in Atlanta?

Secondly, if you would like to know where should be good places to stay in Atlanta. Well then, it should be downtown areas like many other cities: Phoenix or Houston.

atlanta neighborhood map

From: http://www.environsrealestate.com/map

Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta is a very convenient area that is suitable for those who love to visit the main attractions by walking. You can easy to use public transportation or walk there from your hotel. This is also the home of many famous attractions for kids and families like Centennial Park, World of Coca-Cola, and the Georgia Aquarium. For those who visit Atlanta for the first time, this area is good to know the history by exploring some exhibitions and galleries.


Midtown is one of the popular areas for those who love Atlanta and traveling here for multi-times. If this is not the first time, you should try to stay in this area at least once to explore how dynamic the city. Sometimes, Midtown is called the Art district since there are many museums, theatres, and art centers located in this neighborhood. However, in our opinion, this is a budget area which is the price of hotels isn’t expensive if compared to downtown. In fact, this isn’t so cheap but it still a better price than other areas for a family stay. Also, we love this area since it isn’t so crowded, and the atmosphere from the Atlanta Botanical Garden is so great for us.


Buckhead district, a name that couldn’t be missed in this list if you are traveling with your kids to Atlanta. As you know, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta is one of the famous areas for kids and this attraction located in this district. Hence, if your family travels here because of this amusement park, you should stay here. However, the price for some hotels around this area (Phipps Plaza) is quite high. However, this isn’t a big matter because it takes only 15 minutes from downtown or Midtown to here. You can rent a car, book a taxi, or use the bus transfer. It’s very convenient! Well, we hope that you may know basic information about Atlanta, so, we start to explore some good kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta right below. Let explore what we could bring to you!

The best kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta

1. The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta

The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta is a luxury hotel in Atlanta, and absolutely, the price is not cheap at all. However, if you need the best kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta, this is the top choice. Though the price isn’t cheap, the hotel always in high demand and you may be lost your favorite room if you book late.

The location is exceptional where it’s right in the heart of Atlanta. It’s very convenient to go to Georgia Pacific Museum and Margaret Mitchell Square in a few steps. From here, you can use public transportation since it’s near the subway Peachtree Center Station or drive your own car to everywhere in the city. There is a private parking-site cost USD 45 per day or you can use street parking. Besides that, the services are fantastic for a family with the spacious family rooms featured with kids’ TV channels.

Furthermore, the parents can enjoy the fitness center while the kids can warm-up at the kids’ playgrounds during their stay. Don’t miss out on your time to enjoy the pool-bar or restaurants on-site. You should book a room that included breakfast, otherwise, you need to pay an extra USD 28 per person for breakfast.

2. Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta

This is the most luxurious hotel located in Midtown, Atlanta. Because of this, most of the services that they provide are the best and amazing for their guests. Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta featured an indoor swimming pool and a wonderful fitness center for their guests.

However, the things that bring them to become one of the best kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta are their food and decoration. The breakfast is amazing, and we learned that should be cheaper while we book together with the room. The design in the family rooms is elegant, charming, and modern that could make you enjoy your vacation in peace.

Besides that, the position is very convenient, when it near the Arts Center Train Station and the subway MARTA-Arts Center Station. You also can reach out to Woodruff Arts Center and High Museum of Art is approximately 15 minutes walk. For kids, you can order kids’ meals, request babysitting services, strollers, or a free crib for kids under 3 years old. Also, pets are allowed and you may pay an extra fee for that, you should check with the hotel before book your room.

3. Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Hyatt is a popular brand for kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta. Because of the price, it’s not so expensive if comparing to the other hotels with similar services. If you have an economic budget but still need to good environment for your kids, Hyatt Regency Atlanta is one of the best choices. Regarding the services for kids, you can order kids’ meals with an extra charge, enjoy the family rooms that featured the kids’ TV channels. Don’t forget to enjoy a pool and gym center for free!

However, the best thing is the location, it right to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta, and easy to go to the Georgia Aquarium in only 10 minutes. By the way, the parking fee is USD 50 per day, so, you can consider using public transportation since it’s very near the subway Peachtree Center Station.

4. Twelve Downtown, Autograph Collection

Twelve Downtown located in a perfect location and offer a high price. However, this hotel always in high demand since most of their service is based on human needs. Besides this reason, we also list this one in the list of kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta because of the comfortable to kids.

Firstly, it isn’t far from the kids’ attractions such as the Children’s Museum of Atlanta and The World of Coca-Cola. Nonetheless, we believe the adults also love the location by its convenience since it’s right next to the subway Civic Center Station MARTA. If you are afraid of the parking fee of USD 32 per day, you may use public transportation to save more. Secondly, the design and decoration of the hotel are bright, airy, and modern that featured an outdoor swimming pool and a gym room. All these services are free and you can enjoy them during operation time.

Thirdly, the family rooms are amazing with a mini kitchen inside that are included kitchenware, microwave, and refrigerator. Furthermore, the kids can enjoy the DVD player, books, or color with some color pencils that are provided by the hotel. Pets are allowed for a small fee and you should check with the hotel for the limited weight of your pets before book your stay.

5. The Westin Peachtree Plaza, Atlanta

In fact, if mentioned about the services, there is nothing special to list this hotel into the kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta. However, the location of it is perfect for a family trip when you need the convenience of the transfer. The subway Peachtree Center Station – MARTA right away the hotel and you may love this if traveling without your own vehicle. Therein, the hotel located in downtown Atlanta and connected directly with the AmericasMart wholesale marketplace. It’s near to the Georgia Pacific Museum, Margaret Mitchell Square, and Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

Besides that, there are many restaurants and cafes around this area that it’s quite convenient for everyone. Also, the services are good enough for a family with two pools, a gym center, and a bowling game on-site (with a small surcharge). However, the parking site is a disadvantage of this hotel since it always full and you may park on street. Hence, the position near the subway station is helping them a lot to reduce these cons.

6. Hyatt Centric Midtown Atlanta

Another Hyatt brand in Midtown, Atlanta, the hotel has a good location in this area when it’s near many subway stations and the nearest is MARTA-Midtown Station. Besides that, you can drive your own car if it is convenient for you which is costs USD 40 per day for car parking. Also, it’s quite convenient to go to any key attraction like Margaret Mitchell House, Atlanta Botanical Garden, or Piedmont Park.

For your family, they offer family rooms that are good for up to four people with kids’ TV channels that are featured in each room. As the same as other kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta, Hyatt also provides a pool, a fitness center, and WiFi for free. You can enjoy all those services with your kids. One more thing, pets are allowed and you may need to pay a little fee for them, you can check with the hotel in advance.

7. AC Hotel by Marriott Atlanta Midtown

This is an amazing hotel located in Midtown and good for everyone, not only for a family. The design of the hotel is so elegant, tidy, and minimalist. Besides that, the location is so convenient while it just 5 minutes walk to the train Arts Center Station and Midtown Underground Station. There is car parking on-site or you can use their car rental service (just contact the receptionist about that). As the same as other kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta, the family rooms are featured free WiFi and a sofa bed in each room. Also, you can use a swimming pool, a gym room, and a library for free during your stay. Furthermore, pets are welcome in this hotel and this is one of the most things that we love.

8. Artmore Hotel

First of all, our initial impression about this hotel is so art, warm, and cozy. We love the atmosphere when stepping into the hotel. One of the reasons to list out this into the list of kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta is the price. Among a lot of high rate hotels in Atlanta, the price here is considered affordable with all the services that they could provide us.

Since this is a budget hotel, there is no swimming pool but they still offer a gym room for those who would like to warm-up every day. Therein, the family rooms are bigger than we thought and there is a puzzle/board game in each room for the kids. We love the scenes of the garden look from our window’s room. Besides that, the location is one of the plus points here, while it’s right away from the subway MARTA-Arts Center Station. It’s quite convenient with a restaurant on-site or you can drive your own car to other bistros or cafeteria around this area. The parking fee costs USD 30 per day. By the way, pets are welcome here and a small charge may apply.

9. Hampton Inn Atlanta Georgia Tech Downtown

At the first, we didn’t list out this hotel in the list of kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta. Because there is no swimming pool and we also compared it with other similar hotels in this neighborhood. However, besides a minus about the pool, the other things are amazing while staying in here with kids. The rooms are spacious that are set up with kids’ TV channels and books/DVD players in each room. Besides that, they still offer a game room and a gym center for those who would like to warm-up (for both adults and kids).

Also, a location is exceptional where it’s right across The World of Coca-Cola and very near the Bobby Dodd Stadium. From here, you can reach out to Georgia Aquarium and CNN in only 15 minutes. Nonetheless, pets aren’t allowed and there is a valet parking site that costs USD 20 per night. Hence, if the pool isn’t a matter for you, you still can choose this accommodation for your family trip since the price is considered reasonable.

10. Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown

The design of this hotel is really bright, brilliant, and elegant. Especially, their rooms make us feel warm and cozy during our trip, or maybe because we came here in winter. Anyway, we had a good experience here and would like to let you know for reference of kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta.

The hotel offers a good breakfast and you can book with the room, otherwise, you may pay an extra USD 15 per meal. Besides that, their family rooms arrange kids’ TV channels, DVD players, and free WiFi in each room. Don’t forget to enjoy the atmosphere of their small terrace and garden on the ground floor, it’s really nice! Furthermore, there is a free gym room and a tennis court that you may need to register at the receptionist in advance if you want to play. Something that you may need to know: Pets are welcome and the car parking fee is USD 29 per day.

In general, there are many good kid-friendly hotels in Atlanta but the price here is quite high if compared to other cities. Because of this, we would like to recommend to you some hotels with good services and deserve a price for them. There is a wide range of good accommodation that will bring you joy, relaxation, and a great moment with your beloved. Hence, let checking and look for the best hotel for your family based on what we list out above.