10 Best Family Hotels & Resorts in Lisbon, Portugal

At the first, we are so surprised to know that Lisbon was listed on the ‘Global cities list’. There isn’t outstanding information about this city in our mind and we suddenly wondering ‘is Lisbon worth in the list?’ Therefore, we started to explore the city and find out the answer besides numerous amazing things to do in Lisbon with kids.

Lisbon may not a uniquely charming city or the most dynamic place in the world. However, Lisbon has its own impress that could float around your mind after the trip. This is a perfect blend between modern, art, and authentic culture in each corner of anything belong to Lisbon. You can easy to find plenty of random backgrounds for your Instagram in any street art throughout the city. Otherwise, simply climbing up to the Pilar 7 Bridge and enjoy the stunning view around. Again, don’t forget to taste some fresh bake in any bakery on the road and try little egg tarts with your kids. Hence, there is no surprise to say that over a thousand of the best family hotels in Lisbon are ready to serve you at any time. If you are feeling a little confused, let us sum-up some information for you.

family hotels in Lisbon

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The best time to visit Lisbon

As the same with the neighboring country, Spain, the best time to visit Lisbon should be in spring. The best is from March to May when the weather maintain warm and cool. Because of this, there are many tourists who will choose this time to visit and the hotel’s rate may push up higher. However, if you look for another time, autumn isn’t a bad idea in case you want to stay away from the crowded. The best time in autumn to visit Lisbon should be in September until November when the climate slowly turns to be cold. At this time, the hotel’s rate may lower and the tourists aren’t too crowded.

The best place to stay in Lisbon

While mention about the best place to stay in Lisbon, Baixa always stays on the top list. Baixa is the central area in Lisbon where you can easy to find numerous shopping points from the luxury malls to the stalls in many layers of color. Also, most of the best family hotels in Lisbon located in this area and it’s quite easy for those who come here for the first time.

Distancing about 750m from Baixa is a traditional place called Alfama. This is considered as a suburb area in Lisbon with a long coastline and the majestic hill on another side, thus, the neighborhood owns stunning views from above. This area is suitable for those who love to relax in peace and the fantastic views of the hill among the colorful roofs. The hotel’s rate here is quite affordable and you will stay away from the crowded as you wish when staying here.

The best family hotels in Lisbon

1. Torel Palace Lisbon

At the first glance, we seem to immerse in the beauty of this hotel. We thought that this is just a sightseeing point, yet, they offer everything perfectly. From the location to the services, we couldn’t complain about anything. Hence, they deserve to be on top of our family hotels in Lisbon.

This is a small hotel located in Baixa with a special terrain (on a small hill) and it’s like a mansion with architecture in the 19th century. However, there are plenty of convenient services for a family trip. Therein, they have a pool, small but clean and beautiful, the view toward the city with amazing colorful roofs. You shouldn’t miss out on this fantastic experience!

Besides that, though they only have 25 rooms but their family rooms are enough space for you to request a crib (crib is free for kids under 4 years old). If your budget is wealth, you can try a penthouse apartment that is spacious for up to 4 people and a stunning view. Also, there is a beautiful garden and you should enjoy your sunrise with a cup of coffee here to start your new day in the heart of the European sky. A thing to note that the parking fee will cost EUR 20 per day and pets aren’t allowed here.

2. Eurostars Museum

This isn’t a museum, just the name of the hotel! The hotel located in Alfama, a small area distance only over 750m from Baixa. A great place for those who love to stay away from the crowded and love to enjoy the mountainous views.

However, it’s still convenient to visit any amazing attractions around Lisbon such as Santa Luzia Belvedere, Lisbon Cathedral, and Fado Museum in only 10 minutes walk. The special point is the price! It’s a very affordable hotel for anything that they could offer you from the location to the services. Therefore, it isn’t over when we list this on the top of the best family hotels in Lisbon. There are numerous supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, and bars surrounding here. You can easily find anything you need in a music note. Terreiro do Pa├žo Metro Station is very near, just 15 minutes walk.

For the services, they offer family rooms with soundproof and a free crib for kids under 3 years old when needed. Also, you can request kids’ meals or let your children enjoy the kid-friendly buffet. Don’t forget to enjoy your spare time in the library and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can attend a temporary art gallery on-site. By the way, there is an indoor swimming pool and a very nice gym center for you to warm-up or enjoy with your beloved. However, there is no parking car and pets aren’t allowed.

3. AlmaLusa Baixa Chiado

Though AlmaLusa Baixa Chiado is a guest house, yet the condition is wonderful for a family trip. Hence, we still list it in the list of family hotels in Lisbon for your reference.

Located in the historical old town, the property has an exceptional position in the heart of Lisbon where could lead you to The National Museum of Contemporary Art in a few steps. Rua Augusta Arch and Rossio Square are only 10 minutes walk if you would like to know.

Besides that, their family rooms are clean, warm, and tidy in the white color concept. They offer kids’ meals and babysitting services with a little surcharge. Also, they don’t have car parking on-site but there is underground parking in front of their hotel and belongs to the City Hall of Lisbon. You can park your car there and get a special discount for those who stay at AlmaLusa Baixa Chiado. In order to get this advantage, you should pass by the receptionist and asking for help before park your car there.

However, if you don’t have a car, you can use public transportation since there are two subway stations that are very near the guest house. By the way, the rooms’ rate is quite high for a guest house, but the conditions deserve to that and breakfast should be book together to save more.

4. IBEROSTAR Selection Lisboa

IBEROSTAR Selection Lisboa is a five stars hotel located near Marques de Pombal and easy to go Lisbon Botanical Garden in only 10 minutes by walk. Because this is one of the premier family hotels in Lisbon, thus, the services also fantastic for a family trip.

They have two swimming pools, one indoor and one outdoor, an outdoor is used for every age and the kids can join in. Also, there is an amazing garden for sunbath and relaxing that you couldn’t miss out on. Family rooms feature soundproof and free WiFi with cable channels. By the way, there is a spa on-site with a steam room, and sauna for your own expenses. There are many subway stations around the hotel, you can easy to use them or use your own car and park on-site (the cost is EUR 22.5 per day).

5. BessaHotel Liberdade

It can say that we were quite satisfied with this hotel and totally agree it deserves to appear in this list of family hotels in Lisbon. Firstly, the location is wonderful when it’s near the many subway/train station, and Avenida Metro Station – South Exit is one of the nearest. Besides that, there is a lot of major attractions around this area such as Rossio Square, St. George’s Castle, and Coliseu dos Recreios.

Secondly, the services for kids are amazing. Therein, the family rooms are clean, comfortable, and spacious enough for a crib (offer free for 1 kid under 3 years old). The hotel also offers kids’ TV channels in each room, kid-friendly buffets, and kids’ meals. Thirdly, the facilities included a swimming pool, a fitness center, and also a beautiful garden. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy the sunrise with a cup of coffee in the garden. You also can drive your own car here since there is car parking on-site which costs only EUR 19 per day.

6. EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel

EPIC SANA Lisboa is a famous five stars hotel in the heart of Lisbon. It is no doubt to say that this hotel should be on the list of best family hotels in Lisbon. Hence, if you have a good budget, you could try to stay here and enjoy their best services for everyone.

The hotel’s decoration follows elegant concept and modern that featured infinity pool on the rooftop at seasonal. Besides that, there is another indoor pool for guests that open all over the year. For the kids, they offer great kids’ meals and kid-friendly buffets. The family rooms are comfortable with kids’ TV channels and babysitting services. You also can request a crib (kids under 3 years old) and an extra bed for kids up to 12 years old, and both are free.

Especially, this is a rare pet-friendly hotel in Lisbon that your pets will be welcome here at all the time. Also, there is a very airy and nice view toward the garden that you should at least enjoy your cup of coffee here. While you enjoy your coffee, let your kids spend their time in the library, it is free! Though the price isn’t cheap, yet, this hotel deserves it and would be a great experience for you.

7. Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel

This five stars hotel has a very classic European style facade, but the interior is decorated modern and elegant style in white. This is one of the reasons to encourage you to stay here besides their great services.

The hotel located in a historic town and right away at the center of Lisbon. It’s too convenient to go to Ribeira Market, Rossio Square, St. George’s Castle, and the National Museum of Contemporary Art. Also, there are many train/subway stations around this area in only a 5-10 minutes walk. We love the design in their family rooms, it’s modern, warm, and cozy. The rooms all featured soundproof and set up kids’ TV channels, some books, music, and games for kids. They agree to offer a free crib (for kids under 2 years old) or an extra bed for kids from 3-6 years old for free. Besides that, you can request kids’ meals if you don’t enjoy their kid-friendly buffet (you should try it, amazing!)

Because this is an antique building, there is no swimming pool but they offer a free hot tub/Jacuzzi and gym room for every guest. However, pets aren’t allowed here and you may need to pay more for some services like laundry, ironing. The price is quite high indeed, but the experience is excellent and it deserves to be on the list of best family hotels in Lisbon.

8. Altis Prime Hotel

In fact, Altis Prime is a condo-hotel but we still list it here for your reference because of their budget price and good services. Although, we couldn’t compare Altis Prime with other five stars hotels or the best family hotels in Lisbon above, yet, it still great with the value. This is one of the selections for those who love to stay in a private place but still need more facilities like a hotel stay.

Located only 300 m from the heart of Lisbon and only 400 m from Marques de Pombal Station, this is the first point for you to consider. Also, it’s very convenient to shopping at Minimercado supermarket right there. There is a common area with flat TV and free WiFi in all rooms. The family rooms featured soundproof and kitchenware and enough facilities for you to enjoy. Kids’ TV channels are set up in each room and support with daily cleaning as same as a normal hotel. They still could provide a free crib but it depends on availability. Your kids will be served with kids’ meals when requested or kid-friendly buffets at their restaurant. Hence, there isn’t denied that this condo-hotel offers great services complete at a very affordable price!

9. Villa Baixa – Lisbon Luxury Apartments

Enjoying your private space with your family during a trip is one of the good ideas that you should experience at least once. Whereby, some of the great houses or small buildings in Lisbon were renovated to be a warm and vintage house/villa for guests.

Villa Baixa is one of the luxury ones and receiving high rates from their guest. Though this isn’t a hotel we still list it as family hotels in Lisbon for your reference. Sometimes, we should change the style of traveling and enjoy the difference to make it be more exciting!

Located in Baixa, the heart of Lisbon and it’s very near to the Praca da Figueira (you can walk there). You can easy to transfer around the city by subway with Rossio Station right there! It isn’t convenient if you drive your own car since there is no car parking on-site and the public parking costs EUR 34.4. Besides that, the apartment is clean, bright, and tidy. A crib for kids under 1 year old will offer for free, but, an extra bed cost EUR 55 per night per person. You can request a babysitting service with a little surcharge and WiFi is free for all the building.

10. Sitio dos Cavaleiros Apartments

If you love the atmosphere in Alfama and would like to enjoy the private space with your family, this apartment is a great choice for you! Though this is an apartment, they could offer you an amazing experience and all the good services as the same as normal family hotels in Lisbon.

One of the best things here is the neighborhood, the location is quite easy for you to go to any major attractions you want. St. George’s Castle and Martim Moniz Square are only in a few minutes’ steps. Also, the views from the window are wonderful and it’s quite nice from the morning to afternoon. For the services, they offer enough facilities for all kitchenware and necessary tools for you to cook by yourself. However, they still can provide breakfast in room and room services when requested.

Besides that, there is a spa with a hot tub/jacuzzi on-site for your relaxing. Simply enjoy the services here and spend your time to enjoy with your kids with some outdoor activities like a bike tour or walking tour. Nonetheless, there is no car parking, but it’s very near the Martim Moniz Station and Rossio Station. Hence, you can use public transportation instead. Also, there is a parking lot distant only three minutes away from Sitio dos Cavaleiros, but it counts the cost based on the time.

Lisbon is a charming, elegant, and colorful city that you would never feel boring when staying here. Hence, most families love to traveling here to spend their valuable time with family and hidden to a different atmosphere of Europe. Numerous family hotels in Lisbon ready to serve you with full service from outside to inside, from decoration to the facilities. Also, the hotel’s rate is quite reasonable and should be friendly with your budget. Therefore, the above information could help you to summarize and refer to the best deal for your pocket. Hope you could find the most suitable stay and enjoy your break time perfectly.